Risk Management

NTC Board of Directors is the highest decision-making and supervisory unit for the Company's risk management. It is responsible for approving risk management policies and related measures, overseeing the implementation of various risk management systems, and ensuring the effective operation of these mechanisms.

To implement sustainable development goals, NTC has established the Sustainable Development Committee under the Board of Directors. The Committee consists of the Chairman, 4 independent directors, and 2 executive directors, with the President serving as the convener. The Committee's responsibilities include reviewing the Company's risk management policies, strategies, and management guidelines, as well as overseeing the implementation of risk management initiatives and execution plans.

NTC Risk Management Steering Center, headed by the Executive Vice President, consist of managers from various departments based on tasks. It is responsible for promoting and supervising the execution of work by each risk management group and ensuring overall risk control. The Steering Center collaborates with the Company's operational strategies to establish 5 functional management teams. Each team not only collects risk information from internal and external environments and conducts regular risk monitoring but also continuously tracks and evaluates risk factors and levels and takes improvement measures. Furthermore, they report the results of risk management execution to the Steering Center.

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