Home & Entertainment DRAM Trend

Speed. High Bandwidth. Smooth Streaming.

The Smart Connected Home continues to require a wide mix of electronic products and requirements. Multimedia streaming across home electronics such as 4K, 8K and game consoles are driving more demand and higher specs.

DRAM must address features of speed and low power consumption for the demand of high bandwidth and eco-friendly orientation.


DRAM Solution

Nanya offers reliable and stable DRAM solutions to cover all the standard DRAM and Low power DRAM (LPDRAM) required for home applications. For density, we offer choices from 512Mb to 8Gb to best fit a variety of home entertainment electronics and game console setup.

Considering the special package in design work, the alternatives of KGD and RDL services are supported to meet the engineering requirement and time-to-market demand.


Product Recommendations