Cleaner Production
A Producer of Green Technology
NTC actively manages energy, resources, emissions, and waste. We also adopt higher standards than regulations to avoid or reduce the impact on the environment. We pursue sustainable business performance and fulfill our responsibilities for green production and environmental protection.
Achieved A- rating in the
CDP’s Climate Change Evaluation
Annual average process water
recovery ratio
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
by 22% for every
NT$1 million in revenue.
Eco-Friendly Products
NTC formulated performance indicators of environmental safety and hygiene, promoted various projects of waste reduction, resources reuse, and greenhouse gas reduction, and established Green Product Promotion Committee to conduct Green Product Management.
million kWh electricity saved
  • ・Product: low power DRAM and 20nm consumer DRAM
  • ・Scope: total sales volume of 2018
  • ・Calculation: products are assumed to have 2-year new product life cycle as well as ways of use
  • ・Benefits: electricity conservation and carbon reduction
Greenhouse Gas Management
In 2018, the company introduced the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures Recommendation (TCFD) formulated by the international Financial Stability Board (FSB), and disclosed the company's measures in relation to governance, strategy, risk management, and indicators and goals.
The management organization and strategy in response to climate change based on TCFD guidance.
and Goals
  • ・The Corporate Sustainability Management Committee supervised by the board of directors is the main competent authority.
  • ・Corporate social responsibility meetings are held quarterly, and the President is to preside over the meetings. The climate change is to listed as one of the discussion topics.
  • ・Short, medium, and long-term climate-related risks and opportunities are periodically identified, and so are impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities on organizational operation, strategy, and financial plans.
  • ・The resilience of organizational strategy is considered under different climate scenarios.
  • ・Impact levels and occurrence probability are used to assess the significance of related risks and opportunities brought by the climate change.
  • ・Greenhouse gas management and goals of resource recycling are to be stipulated.
  • ・In 2018, the establishment of ISO 50001 management system was completed and the certificate was acquired.
  • ・The scope 1/2/3 of greenhouse gas inventory and certificate are conducted.
  • ・Product environmental footprints are made an inventory and carbon reductions of the entire supply chain are promoted.
  • ・NTC participated in international CDP climate change project, disclosing carbon emissions information and communicating with stakeholders.
Energy Management
The company introduced ISO 50001 Energy Management System and completed the verification in 2018, hoping to constantly improve energy use and management. Pursuant to standard-setting, supervision, measurement, documentation, improvement of energy intensity, and its estimated affects on reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, the company promoted the best practical methods of energy management and strengthen favorable management behaviors.
Water Management
Besides design water saving processes, NTC's water manage emphasizes water reduction and recycling. In order to avoid impacts of water shortage, NTC has conducted assessment and management for the risks of water shortage.
Emissions, Waste, and Recycling
In the Environment, Safety and Hygiene Policy, NTC has promoted various waste reduction and resource reuse to comply with the relevant requirements of regulations and the commitments to environmental protection-related requirements signed by the company.
The main air pollutants of the NTC are categorized into acidic, alkaline and organic exhaust gases.
NTC has spend a lot of effort to prevent and control water pollution, gradually upgrading and investing in waste water treatment facilities. In relation to waste water treatment, NTC processes waste water according to the properties of waste water. Other than following the legal standards, NTC also reuses recyclable waste water that is treated by the recovery system to reduce the discharge amount of waste water.
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