Innovative Technology
The Best Memory Partner for Our Customers
“Innovation” is one of the driving forces for NTC‘s growth and competitiveness as well as one of our four core values. We shall strengthen product research, development, and manufacturing to satisfy customers‘ diverse demands and become one of the best DRAM provider for smart world.
R&D expenses accounted for 5.7%
of revenue, which demonstrates
the importance of technology
development is to NTC
The customer satisfaction rate
score was 90.5 points which exceeded
the target of 87 points
Obtained 502 patents, a record high
in recent years
Risk Management
Every year, NTC invests a lot of resources in technology development of new types of DRAM products, next generation processes, and advanced 3D stacked packaging, provides customers value-added services, and reinforces protection for intellectual property and trade secrets, accelerating the move towards product diversification and smart factory. Moreover, we have set a vision for innovative development to introduce 10nm DRAM process into mass production in 2021, develop next-generation DDR5 products, enter fast-growing markets (artificial intelligence (AI), data centers, automotive and the Internet of Things), and set up high-efficient production lines with an AI-aided system.
Investment and Output of Innovative R&D
NTC smart factory - three major applications
Production line stability
  • • Advanced process control
  • • Difference monitoring and control of machinery
  • • Prognosis of machinery
  • • Real-time fault detection of machinery
  • • Preventive maintenance monitoring and control
  • • Image recognition
Productivity improvementing
  • • Automatic dispatching
  • • Smart scheduling
  • • Smart handling
  • • Remote monitoring and control
  • • Monitoring and control of equipment production efficiency
Yield and quality
  • • Automatic analysis of process change
  • • Quality control
  • • Data mining
  • • Engineering data analysis platform
Big data integration + AI technology
Highly automated production line + Fab IoT + Large numbers of sensors
Customer Service
NTC is committed to provide the best customer service in order to consolidate strong partnership with customers. Our vision is to become the best DRAM partner in the smart world as well as a service-oriented enterprise. Through close cooperation with MCU makers and customers, we strengthen product development and manufacturing in order to satisfy diverse requirements and provide customers comprehensive product and system solutions. We are committing ourselves to striding toward this goal.
Customer Service Process
NTC strive for continuous improvement, working in a practical way, with a spirit based on exceeding our customers’ requirements in quality, delivery and service. In relation to customer satisfaction, NTC employs an impartial third-party consultancy company to conduct satisfaction survey for direct and end-customers through the internet or interviews, that NTC can understand customers' needs from a fair and objective perspective.
Procedure of Customer Satisfaction Survey
Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey
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