Common Good

An Active Participant in Giving Back to the Society

Nanya is committed to social engagement and participates in public affairs and local care to become an active participant that gives back to the society. We promote social influence and community development to lead society to a better and sustainable future.


  • 92.87 %

    Business initiatives investments account for 92.87% of Nanya's investment in social engagement

  • 3,060 participants

    A total of 3,060 participants in 51 seminars

  • 49,326 participants

    As of 2020, a total of 49,326 people consumed fair trade coffee and assisted community development and economic growth in the Third World

Strategies and Performance


Social Engagement

  • Total investments increased by 7.44% from 2019 (goal: 15%)
  • Number of credit courses opened (unit: course) tripled compared with the number in 2019 (goal: Number of credit courses doubled)
  • Suspended and postponed this year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic (goal: Awarded the Work-Life Balance Award)
  • Awarded the Accredited Healthy Workplace certification and the Healthy Workplace Best Practice Award (goal: Acquired the Accredited Healthy Workplace certification)


Social Engagement

  • Total investments increased by 15% from 2020
  • Establish a volunteer team and the number of volunteers ≧ 100 people
  • Awarded the Work-Life Balance Award
  • Acquired the Accredited Healthy Workplace certification


Social Engagement

  • Percentage of investments in business initiatives ≧ 85%
  • Percentage of the number of volunteers to total employees ≧ 5%
  • Accumulative semiconductor talent cultivated ≧ 1,000 people (an accumulation of five years starting in 2021)


Social Engagement

  • Talent cultivation: Conform with the education system and cultivate outstanding semiconductor talent.
  • Environmental protection: Connect different types of NPOs and promote environmental protection ideals.
  • Humanistic care: Improve social welfare by working with local art and charity groups
  • Good neighbor: Participate in public affairs in the neighborhood communities and build a harmonious and mutually beneficial living sphere.

Social Influence

4U (For You) projects

Talent cultivation, environmental conservation, humanistic care, and community harmony became our four main themes of social engagement. We have set short, medium and long-term goals for the four main directions and promoted these goals step by step. In 2019, we launched the 4U (For You) projects: Focus On U for campuses, Light Up the globe, Power Up horizons, and Line Up with neighborhoods. We gathered our internal and external funding, supplies, and manpower to carry out concrete actions for social engagement. In 2020, we continued to stride forward on the basis of the promotion paths and cumulative results in past years, taking the lead in creating greater influence.

Focus on U for campuses

Driving force

By using the Company's core operational capabilities, we conform with the strength of industry, government, and academia to connect with the government's technology policy; and we also conform with the education system to jointly cultivate talent.


Cultivate and reserve outstanding technological talent


Students in colleges and universities

Social influence

  • Promote general science education
  • Implement industry-academia collaboration

Light Up the globe

Driving force

Integrate the strength of internal employees with that of external non-profit organizations to promote environmental protection awareness We also reach to business partners and initiate attention to climate change topics, hoping that we may exert greater influence.


Build a green and sustainable ecological environment


Community organizations and environmental protection groups

Social influence

  • Mitigate ecological impact
  • Popularize environmental protection knowledge

Power Up horizons

Driving force

We work with local art and culture groups and charity establishments to implement the plans for humanistic activities to take root. Moreover, we aim to form a society of truth, kindness, and beauty with humanistic culture on the basis of expansive vision.


Create and convey the power of beauty and kindness


Local arts and culture organizations and charities

Social influence

  • Enhance social well-being
  • Promote arts and culture

Line Up with neighborhoods

Driving force

Participate in public affairs in the neighborhood communities, and take practical actions, such as sponsoring local art and culture, and responding local needs to promote a harmonious and mutually beneficial living sphere.


Establish an inclusive and harmonious living sphere


Local township offices and community organizations

Social influence

  • Make contributions to the neighborhoods
  • Realize community inclusion

As an industry leader, Nanya earnestly commits itself to create positive influences. The Company has responded to the challenges proposed by the United Nations in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by combining our core capabilities with three SDGs and developed four main developmental directions. On talent cultivation, we have connected to SDG 8-Decent Work and Economic Growth, which is our driving force for talent cultivation and industry-academia collaboration to promote technology upgrades and enhance economic value through innovation to help youth and students develop professional skills. SDG 13-Climate Action allows us to deeply experience the impacts that extreme climates have had on the community environment and the ecology. Therefore, we have set up the main direction of environmental conservation to safeguard environmental biodiversity and move toward a low carbon society. SDG 17-Partnerships for the Goals is the foundation for the Company's public welfare implementation and has built two main themes of humanistic care and community harmony to make long-term contributions to the communities and neighborhoods in which we have been operating.

Social Engagement

Focus On U for campuses

With the power of academic research, we assist college students on campus to reduce the gap between the campus and workplace so that they may more quickly adapt to the workplace. At the same time, we integrate the resources of industry and academia to jointly enhance the capabilities of Taiwan's technology industry.

  • Future Stars Award Ceremony
  • Nanya employees goes into Campus
  • Semiconductor Industry Seminar
Our role and methods Major results in 2020
Future Stars
  • We established several scholarships to encourage students to engage in academic research, make constant improvements, and put their education to use. We hope that outstanding students will continue to study in their field of interest.
  • We provided scholarships to 5 students, and hold the Future Starts selection activities.
Outstanding Projects
  • To promote exchanges between the industry and academia and make good use of academic resources, we cooperate with well-known colleges on industry-academia research plans and sponsor campus activities (including, 5G Pilot Innovative Application Competition, providing the talent development platform, cooperating with enterprises, and reducing education-job mismatches). In addition, we strengthen teacher-student interactions, improve the quality of education, and enhance the competitiveness of domestic industries.
  • We cooperated with four universities on four industry-academia research plans, and sponsored five campus activities
Cultivate Students
  • Through many campus projects and two-way cultivation, we provide college students internship platforms. For example, the Seed Talent Program (STP) combines academic resources and industrial ones, and provides training courses and opportunities for accumulating practical experiences. We hope that we become a bridge between enterprises and fresh graduates, and encourage students to develop abilities in different while reserving specialized talent in advance.
  • We cooperated with12 colleges on the internship programs. A total of 215 interns worked at the plant, including 53 indirect and 162 direct staff members.
Understanding Projects
  • We invite students to visit our company to help them better understand the industry's development. The alumni of the invited schools encourage the students to join the big family of Nanya by sharing their work experience to strengthen the sense of cohesion and belonging.
  • Total 20 corporate visits and 1 event where our employees returned to alma mater were held, attended by about 1,075 teachers and students.
Speech Seminars
  • To help students strengthen the connections between what they learn at school with the realities of the workplace, our middle management and executives began interacting with students face-to-face on campus as industry experts in seminars or programs.
  • As industry experts, they shared their experience with key schools in northern Taiwan during 51 seminars and with a total of 3,060 attendees in 2020.
Major results in 2020
Future Stars
  • We provided scholarships to 5 students, and hold the Future Starts selection activities.
Outstanding Projects
  • We cooperated with four universities on four industry-academia research plans, and sponsored five campus activities
Cultivate Students
  • We cooperated with12 colleges on the internship programs. A total of 215 interns worked at the plant, including 53 indirect and 162 direct staff members.
Understanding Projects
  • Total 20 corporate visits and 1 event where our employees returned to alma mater were held, attended by about 1,075 teachers and students.
Speech Seminars
  • As industry experts, they shared their experience with key schools in northern Taiwan during 51 seminars and with a total of 3,060 attendees in 2020.

Light Up the Globe

The burdens on our earth resulting from climate change and environmental pollution are getting serious and gradually becoming a global focus. Thus, it is imperative to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens of the Earth through enhancing environmental conservation awareness.

  • Removal of Mikania micrantha
  • Clean beach activities
  • Environmental Education Day Camp
Our role and methods
Nanya connects environmental protection organizations with different attributes with each other and actively participates in various activities to promote environmental protection concepts.:
  • Support the Earth Hour activity and save electricity consumption starting with small steps to safeguard the energy of earth.
  • Hold activities to remove alien plant species, and seminars on climate change; support Taiwan's wetland ecological protection.
  • Organize environmental protection parent-child camps to nurture ecological sustainability concepts from childhood.
  • Support clean beach activities held by suppliers to implement ocean restoration by action
Major results in 2020
About 170 employees participated in the initiative activities:
  • Nanya called on employees to protect local environments under the lead of the Society of Wilderness. They removed the alien species of Mikania micrantha at the Wugu Wetland. Through hands-on experience, both adults and children had preliminary understanding of alien species and the importance of biological diversity.
  • Nanya is located in the Taishan District, which is one of origins of the Tamsui River. The district possesses not only abundant biological patterns, but also profound humanistic and historical stories. We have collaborated with the Society of Wilderness on organizing environmental protection parent-child camps since 2019. The aim of the parent-child camp is to have both adults and children understand the importance of caring for the forest environment so they would further feel grateful for the source of benefit.
  • Nanya and our key supplier have jointly organized clean beach activities for two years in a row. Both of the companies called on their employees and family dependents to take action and clean beaches in person so as to safeguard ecological environment.
  • The activity “Reduce waste for 21 days” encouraged all employees to reduce disposable supplies in daily life and keep a record for 21 days in a row. The 21-day results showed that we reduced 3,361 pieces of disposable supplies in total.

Power Up Horizons

Enhance humanistic qualities of the public and broaden their horizons on the human-oriented base in order to build a loving and caring social atmosphere.

  • Dragon Boat Festival Charity Street
  • Parent-child Art Exploration
  • Fair-Traded Pantry
Our role and methods
Work with local academic establishments and public welfare groups to promote art and culture activities to sponsor local soft power of culture and creativity as well as assist vulnerable groups in need of help
Major results in 2020
Dragon Boat Festival Charity Street
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, operations of many public welfare groups suffered drastic impacts. Therefore, when the pandemic situation slightly subsided in June, Nanya launched an activity titled the “Dragon Boat Festival Charity Street,” inviting employees to support public welfare. We invited four public welfare groups: the Little happiness link Social Welfare Foundation, the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, and the Down Syndrome Foundation R.O.C, to participate in the charity event and brought their best-selling gift boxes, pastry, and cookies to the event.
Fair-Traded Pantry
  • Nanya has joined the project of fair trade pantries, promoted by Okogreen Co. Ltd., and installed fair-trade coffee machines in the pantries of the company since June 2018. As of the end of 2020, a total of 49,326 people consumed fair trade coffee.
Parent-child Art Exploration guided activity
  • To cultivate children's aesthetic and creativity during the pandemic prevention period, Nanya and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum jointly organized a “Parent-child Art Exploration” activity for the Company's employees and family dependents to participate. The parent-child workshop gave parents and children a chance to create artworks together.

Line Up with Neighborhoods

Local prosperity and local value preservation should not be contradictory but complement each other. As cultivating local connections, how to incorporate themselves into community reconstruction is a crucial subject when enterprises think about social responsibility.

  • Taishan Lion Dance Culture Festival
  • Taishan District Activity
  • Mountain Cleanup
Our role and methods
Listen to local needs, and use concrete actions to display the enterprise’s sincerity with respect to creating shared prosperity with local residents
Major results in 2020
Taishan Lion Dance Culture Festival Series
  • The Taishan Lion Dance Culture Festival has been held in the Taishan District for 13 years. Every year, lion dance groups around Taiwan congregate in the district to compete for the championship. Nanya sponsored the 2020 Taishan Lion Dance Culture Festival. In addition, we invited the lion dance team of Shu Jen High School nearby to perform in the company to remind employees to pay attention to local events while providing a performance opportunity for the students.
Taishan District Fire Extinguishers Refilling
  • Nanya donated 5,100 dry powder extinguishers to 17 villages in the Taishan District of New Taipei City in 2017 to strengthen safety in the neighborhood. Since the aforementioned dry powder extinguishers were to expire soon, the Company sponsored NT$892,500 to the Taishan District Office for arranging fire extinguishers refilling in 2020.
Mountain Cleanup Activity Attended by Nanya and Nan Ya Plastics Corp.
  • Nanya and Nan Ya Plastics Corp. jointly organized a mountain cleanup activity at the Linkou plant, calling on nearly 120 volunteers for the event. Mountain cleanup protects not only the mountains but also our health. It is also a good opportunity for parent-child education. Nanya hopes that the Company would help society more and become an active participant in giving back to society.

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