Common Good

An Active Participant in Giving Back to the Society

Nanya is committed to social engagement and participates in public affairs and local care to become an active participant that gives back to the society. We promote social influence and community development to lead society to a better and sustainable future.


  • 2,158 hours

    Number of hours invested by Nanya in social engagement

  • 2,964 participants

    A total of 2,964 participants in 44 seminars

  • 17,404 participants

    As of 2021, a total of 17,404 people consumed fair trade coffee and assisted community development and economic growth in the Third World

Strategy and Performance

2021 Performance

Social Engagement

  • Total investments increased by 1.53% from 2020 (Goal : Increased by 15%)
  • Establish a volunteer team (Goal : Establish a volunteer team)
  • Volunteer team has 73 people (Goal : ≧ 100 people)

2022 Goals

Social Engagement

  • Annual growth of social engagement hours ≧ 5%
  • Number of volunteers ≧ 100 people

2025 Goals

Social Engagement

  • Annual growth of resources invested in social engagement (person-hours) ≧10%
  • Number of volunteers as a percentage of total employees ≧ 5%


Social Engagement

  • Talent cultivation: Conform with the education system and cultivate outstanding semiconductor talent
  • Environmental Conservation: Connect different types of NPOs and promote environmental protection ideals
  • Humanistic care: Improve social welfare by working with local art and charity groups
  • Good neighbor: Participate in public affairs in the neighborhood communities and build a harmonious and mutually beneficial living sphere

Social Influence

4U (For You) Projects

Talent cultivation, environmental conservation, humanistic care, and community harmony became our four main themes of social engagement. We have set short, medium and long-term goals for the four main directions and promoted these goals step by step. In 2019, we launched the 4U (For You) projects: Focus On U for campuses, Light Up the globe, Power Up horizons, and Line Up with neighborhoods. We gathered our internal and external funding, supplies, and manpower to carry out concrete actions for social engagement. In 2020, we continued to stride forward on the basis of the promotion paths and cumulative results in past years, taking the lead in creating greater influence.

4U four main themes

Focus on U Talent cultivation

Focus On U
Talent Cultivation

Content Future Stars. Outstanding Projects. Cultivate Students. Understanding Projects. Speech Projects

Commercial benefits
  • Future Stars Scholarship (27 nominated, 9 recipients, and 5 internship scholarships)
  • Innovative technology R&D (5 industry-academia collaboration cases)
  • Enterprise Understanding Projects (184 visitors)
  • Supervisors serving as industry experts (23 supervisors)
Social benefits
  • Cultivate Students (Scholarships amounted to approximately NT$550,000)
  • Assisting employment opportunities (approximately NT$6.6 million was invested in internship projects)
  • Enhanced technological capabilities (NT$8.58 million in industry-academia collaboration projects)
  • Industry-academia connections (1,475 participants for the lectures of professionals from industries)
Light Up Environmental conservation

Light Up
Environmental Conservation

Content Environmental topic initiatives. Safeguarding ecological environment. Community assistance

Commercial benefits
  • Employee engagement (716 employees participated)
  • Media favorability (800 hours of online media exposure)
  • Environmental protection initiative (participated in 1 environmental protection initiative event)
Social benefits
  • Environmental biodiversity
  • Reduction of plastic, paper, and carbon usage (125,000 kWh saved in electricity consumption through turning off the lights for one hour in all of Taiwan/carbon reduction of 3.6 metric tons in all of Taiwan)
Line Up Community harmony

Line Up
Community Harmony

Content Community assistance. Community care. Safeguarding ecological environment

Commercial benefits
  • Employee engagement (87 employees participated)
  • Media favorability
  • Strengthening neighborhood relationship (1 certificates of appreciation)
Social benefits
  • Deepen community communication (interacted with 29,218 people in the neighborhoods)
  • Environmental biodiversity (cleaned 1 hiking trail)
Power Up Humanistic care

Power Up
Humanistic Care

Content Cooperating with public welfare groups. Community care. Charity bazaars

Commercial benefits
  • Employee engagement (2,469 employees as participants)
  • Media favorability (1,689 hours of online media exposure)
  • Charity (11 certificates of appreciation)
Social benefits
  • Prospering community environment (purchased 288 kg of fair trade coffee)
  • Reducing the wealth gap (provided financial aid to 8 entities)
  • Focus on U Talent
  • Light Up Environmental
  • Line Up Community
  • Power Up Humanistic

For more information, please read Common Good Chapter

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