Common Good
An active Participant in Community and Social Welfare
Nanya Technology Corporation is committed to social engagement and participates in public affairs and local care to become an active participant that gives back to the society. We promote social influence and community development to lead the society to a better and sustainable future.
NTC actively invested in social engagement, among them, the amount of commercial initiatives accounted for 92.21%
Organized industrial expert seminars in which 9 supervisors served as instructors to promote connections between the industry and the academia for a total of 783 participants
kg of bananas

kg of fair-trade coffee
To support Taiwan's local agricultural produce, NTC purchased 500kg of bananas from local banana farmers at reasonable prices; NTC sponsored 144kg of fair-trade coffee for charity organizations
Purpose :
Cooperate with the education system and cultivate potential students to reserve technology talent
Vision :
  • ・Fresh graduates will be immediately hired by companies to satisfy their needs
  • ・Improve the quality of employees and build a positive company culture
Social issues we would like to resolve :
  • ・Narrow the gap between the knowledge students learn at school and the practical applications at workplace to reduce the employment run-in period so that students are able to rapidly adapt to the workplace when employed.
Our roles and methods :
  • ・Sponsor campus activities: In response to the corporate spiritual concept of contributing the society, we sponsor campus activities to encourage students to study hard and hold various activities, promoting diverse development.
  • ・Handle lectures of professionals from industries: To connect what students learn at school with the actual situations of workplace, we have planned that starting from 2018, middle and high level supervisors have served as the speakers from the industries and entered campuses to interact and share with students face-to-face.
  • ・Hold corporate visits: To improve students' awareness and understanding toward our industry development, we invite various school students to our company for visits.
  • ・Promote industry-academia cooperation: To promote industry-academia exchanges and utilize the resources of the academia, we reinforce teacher-student contact and recruit quality talent for our company.
  • ・Setting scholarships and financial aid: To encourage students to contribute themselves to academic research, and praise excellent students for their constantly striving for perfection, we have formulated methods for scholarships and financial aid.
Purpose :
Connect up non-profit organizations with different attributes and introduce various activities to promote environmental protection concept
Vision :
  • ・Build a green and sustainable ecological environment
Social issues we would like to resolve :
  • ・The burdens on our earth resulting from climate change and environment pollution are getting serious and gradually become the global focus. It is imperative to fulfill the earth citizens' responsibilities through enhancing environmental protection awareness.
Our roles and methods :
  • ・NTC connects up non-profit organizations with different attributes and actively participates in various activities to promote environmental protection concept, for example: 1. Support the Earth Hour activity, saving electricity consumption from small steps to safeguard the energy of earth. 2. Hold swallow watching and wetland talks, promoting ecological conservation and reconstruction.
Purpose :
Combine local art and culture with charity units and promote humanistic public welfare activities to enhance social welfare
Vision :
  • ・Create an equal and friendly society
Social issues we would like to resolve :
  • ・Enhance humanistic literacy of the public and broaden their horizons on the human-oriented base in order to build a love and caring social atmosphere.
Our roles and methods :
  • ・Work with local academic units and public welfare groups on promoting art and culture activities to sponsor local soft power of culture and creativity as well as assist vulnerable groups in need of help.
Purpose :
Participate in the neighborhood communities and public affairs, building a harmonious and mutually beneficial living sphere
Vision :
  • ・Build an inclusive and harmonious living sphere
Social issues we would like to resolve :
  • ・Local prosperity and local value preservation should not be contradictory but complement each other. As cultivating local connections, how to incorporate themselves into community reconstruction is a crucial subject when enterprises think about social responsibility.
Our roles and methods :
  • ・Listen to local needs, through concrete action displaying enterprises' sincerity to prosper and share with local residents.
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