Integrity and Transparency
A Trustworthy Company
NTC complies with the laws and ethics, including the Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and relevant regulations. "Integrity" is one of NTC’s four core values. NTC upholds the corporate spirit of "diligence, perseverance, frugality and trustworthiness" and uses ethical, honest, fair, transparent, and responsible business philosophies to pursue sustainable development.
Constituent of the
TIP Taiwan ESG Index
Continuously included in the FTSE4Good TIP
Taiwan ESG Index, one of the sustainability
indexes in Taiwan
Training Completion Rate of
“Labor and Ethical Code for Conduct
Training”and“Antitrust Training”
Top 6-20% in the 5th Corporate
Governance Evaluation of
listed Companies
NTC firmly believes that rigorous and effective corporate governance can enhance the Company's operations and protect the shareholders' interests.
Risk Management
NTC established a dedicated risk management unit to control and reduce operational risks. The unit integrates the Company's long-term strategic objectives to establish risk management policies and procedures as the highest guiding principles. Also regularly analyze potential risk factors in the internal and external environment on the Company's operations and continue to promote related response plans to reduce impact and ensure quick recovery. Each year We review emerging risks in the next 3-5 years and follow up on these risks. The Company adopts long-term gradual planning to establish risk awareness for all employees and instill the awareness in the daily management of the departments to ensure the Company's normal operations.
Risk Management
  • ・Abide by the promises and all managers have to take the responsibility to supervise.
  • ・All employees get appropriate training and have ability to perform risk management tasks to ensure normal operation of the company.
  • ・Provide the necessary resources to maintain effective operation of the risk management and continue improving to reduce risks.
  • ・Strengthen the communication with the stakeholders, enhance awareness of risk management among employees, and implement risk management policies
  • ・Build and mantain an effective risk management system to ensure that the company contiunues to profit.
  • ・Create a quality work environment to achieve the company's sustainable development.
Business Integrity
NTC upholds the corporate spirit of "diligence, perseverance, frugality and trustworthiness" and uses ethical, honest, fair, transparent, and responsible business philosophies to strengthen legal compliance.
Ethical Code
of Conduct
To ensure employees understand and abide by the Antitrust Law, NTC established policies to require employees and managers to abide by laws and regulations and report the compliance status to the Board of Directors. Also organize regular training courses for employees and require them to sign the Antitrust and Competition Law Compliance Manual.
  • ・Antitrust and Competition Law Compliance Manual
  • ・Procedure of Antitrust and Competition Compliance
All employees must abide by NTC's "Human Resources Management Regulations". Any abuse of powers, embezzlement, bribery, acceptance of commissions, once verified, shall result in termination of employment without exception. The direct supervisors shall also be punished accordingly based on the circumstances.
  • ・Human Resources Management Regulations
NTC referenced the Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance and established our own policies as the basis compliance for all employees (including managerial officers), employees of subsidiaries, customers, and suppliers in the business operations.
  • ・Labor Ethical Management Policy
  • ・Business and Ethical Code of Conduct
NTC set limited access to employees’ and customers’ personal data and apply strict restrictions on the use of such information. The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force in May 2018. As the Company has established a subsidiary company in the European Union, the legislation provides a certain level of regulations on measures for managing the personal data of European customers, clients, and suppliers. NTC has adopted response measures based on the requirements in the GDPR and implemented related systems in subsidiaries to increase employees' awareness for personal data protection and reduce the risks of violations.
  • ・Personal Data Inventory and Risk Assessment Procedures
  • ・Personal Data Management Procedures
  • ・Computer Resource Management Guidelines

NTC provides channels for reporting any unlawful or unethical conduct. If employees discovered a breach of laws or inappropriate conduct that affects the interests of individuals or the Company or other related material issues or where an individual attempts to gain unlawful interest by abusing the power of their office, they may file reports at any time for responsible dedicated units to take charge of processing.

Report hotline:+886-2-29061001
Report email:

  • ・Employee Complaint Guidelines
  • ・Reporting Regulations
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