Office & Enterprise DRAM Trend

Speed. Performance. Reliability.

With more and more data loading across PC, printer, networking equipment, server and storage, the requirement for computing speed, performance and reliability are critical to the success of any connected workplace. Nanya meets these growing demands with a long term, yet evolving DRAM product portfolio to serve this diverse market.


DRAM Solution

Nanya has become a valued solution in this market with a strong DRAM portfolio that serves the office and enterprise needs such as networking, storage and other office peripherals. Nanya’s products include standard DRAM and Low power DRAM (LPDRAM) with a density selection ranging from 512Mb to 8Gb.

Considering the special package in design work, the alternatives of KGD and RDL services are supported to meet the engineering requirement and time-to-market demand.


Product Recommendations