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Nanya Technology Corporation (“NTC”) is dedicated to the research, development, design, manufacture, marketing and sales of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), while establishing intellectual property and cultivating a strong development team. DRAM plays a key role that enables many smart devices which can be applied in cities, homes, offices, cars, the internet of things, the cloud and artificial intelligence.

For the next generation process technology, NTC has successfully developed core cell technology for the 10nm class DRAM process, which will enable sustainability of its DRAM products for at least 3 generations. As a world class DRAM solution provider NTC is continuously optimizing its product portfolio to enhance product value and provide solutions to customers. The deployed DDR4 product line and provide leading edge solutions to the consumer and server market. Additionally, NTC introduced a series of low-power products such as LPDDR4X and other mainstream products focused on smart phones, wearable devices, smart speakers, low-power laptops, and high-speed SSD applications, and aim to be one of the Best DRAM Provider for Smart World. NTC's consolidated revenue was NT$51.7 billion, net income was NT$9.8 billion, and earnings per share was NT$3.23 in 2019.

As a trustworthy company, NTC is committed to corporate responsibility; to enhance corporate governance; to comply with regulations; to create value for shareholders; to take care our employees; to actively participate in social welfare; to promote green technology and environmental sustainability; and to strives for sustainable development.

We were recognized with numerous awards for corporate sustainability in 2019. NTC once again being selected as a constituent stock of the DJSI Emerging Markets Index, while obtaining CDP’s Climate Change Scoring: Leadership Level for two consecutive years. We were awarded Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Award, Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award, and 3 Best Performance of Specific Category in Growth through Innovative Award, People Development Award, and Climate Leadership Award by the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA); New Star Award in Corporate Social Responsibility by Common Wealth Magazine, which demonstrate our investments in sustainable development in recent years. In terms of talent cultivation, Golden Certificate of Talent Quality-management System (TTQS) Enterprise Version and the Ministry of Labor National Talent Development Award shows our supports in talent development.

NTC will continue to enhance innovation, fulfill corporate social responsibility, give back to society, cultivate talents,implement green technology, and work towards corporate sustainability.





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