Responsible Procurement
A Promoter of Shared Value
Suppliers are NTC's most important partners. We aim to enhance cooperation to create greater value and share the value and benefits of cooperation towards the sustainable corporation.
100% of key suppliers completed
self-assessment questionnaire
outstanding suppliers
NTC evaluated suppliers of raw materials components and equipments, and hold annual supplier award ceremony.
3TG minerals suppliers in the supply
chain meet the requirements for
conflict-free minerals.
NTC Industrial Chain
The IC supply chain (DRAM included) is comprised of front end, middle end, and backend players from IC design, mask fabrication/ wafer material, IC manufacturing, IC packaging and testing sectors as of the flow chart in the below . NTC is specialized in DRAM design and fabrication in the entire IC supply chain.
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
NTC believes that the sustainable management of supply chain requires complete and comprehensive mechanisms. We therefore established a supply chain management framework to use sustainability regulations, risk assessment, onsite audits/improvement measures and build supplier capabilities to promote sustainability of suppliers, improve the resilience of the supply chain, and manage supply chain risks. We seek to work with suppliers and become optimal partners for creating a sustainable future.
  • ・Formosa Plastics Group Supplier/Contractor Code of Conduct
  • ・Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance
  • ・Conflict-free related regulations and requirements
Active risk
and surveys
  • ・Establish management system verification investigations based on RBA standards
  • ・Inspection items include labor, health and safety, environment, code of ethics, and management system
  • ・Issue self-assessment questionnaires to major suppliers
  • ・Determine high-risk suppliers
Onsite audits
  • ・Onsite audit
  • ・Document review
  • ・Employee interviews
  • ・Issue CAR for discrepancies
    found in audits
  • ・Improvement tracking
Build supplier
  • ・Organize supplier
    award ceremonies
Supplier sustainability assessment indicators
  • ・Stable quality
  • ・Reduce quality issues
  • ・Prompt delivery
  • ・Multiple backup sources
  • ・Quick response
  • ・Pro activeness
  • ・Reduce waste
  • ・Increase benefits
  • ・Front end development
  • ・Risk forecast
  • ・Green environment
  • ・Social responsibility
Conflict Minerals Management
NTC is committed to an accountable procurement management strategy for the ban on conflict minerals to satisfy current and future market, legal, and regulatory expectations. We aim to meet requirements for the ban on conflict minerals and bear responsibilities specified by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and satisfy the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP).
NTC will continue to follow up the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) policy to conduct due diligence and reduce supply chain risks.
For more information, please read Responsible Procurement Chapter
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