Harmonious Workplace

An Attractive Employer for Professional Talents

In order to create momentum for growth even amid continuous changes in the external environment, Nanya uses talent retention and cultivation to preserve competitive advantages. We also accept employee opinions to create a safe, human rights-based, and harmonious workplace and fulfill our business targets.


  • 72.1 %

    Internal employee substitution rate for job openings 72.1%

  • 71 %

    The average level of approval indicated by employee survey responses reached 71%

  • 100 %

    100% of contractors have passed the pre-entry safety training

Strategies and Performance


Talent Development

  • Annual planned course completion rate ≧ 182.3% (goal: ≧100%)
  • Retention rate of key talent ≧ 100% (goal: ≧90%)
  • Internal employee substitution rate for job openings ≧ 72.1% (goal: ≧60%)
  • Received the Gold Medal Certification in Talent Quality-management System (goal: Gold Medal Certification)

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • 97.65% retention rate of outstanding employees (goal: 97%)
  • Domestic voluntary separation rate 4.57% (goal: ≦6%)
  • More Average approval rate of Employee Engagement Survey ratio 71% (goal: ≧72%)

Human Rights

  • Workplace violence: 0 cases (goal: 0 cases)
  • Employees' educational training on labor ethics completion rate: 100% (goal: 100%)

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Frequency of disabling injuries 0.14 (goal: Frequency of disabling injuries <0.23)
  • Severity of disabling injuries 6 (goal: <7.6)
  • In-plant self-inspection rate 98.7% (goal: 93%)
  • Note 1: Disabling injuries frequency rate (FR) = (total employees with disabling injuries × 10^6)/total work hours
  • Note 2: Severity of disabling injuries (SR) = (total days lost to disabling injuries x 10^6)/total work hours
  • Note 3: Independent inspection rate: (Number of cases reported by departments/number of discrepancies reported by safety and health units) *100%


Talent Development

  • Annual planned course completion rate ≧ 100%
  • Percentage of employees that are key talents ≧ 3%
  • Internal employee substitution rate for job openings ≧ 60%
  • The Talent Development Award of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • Retention rate of key talent ≧ 98%
  • Domestic voluntary separation rate ≤ 5%
  • More Average approval rate of Employee Engagement Survey ratio ≧ 73%

Human Rights

  • Workplace violence: 0 cases
  • Employees' educational training on labor ethics completion rate: 100%

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Frequency of disabling injuriesNote1<0.21
  • Severity of disabling injuries <7.2
  • In-plant self-inspection rate >93.5%
  • Note 1: Disabling injuries frequency rate (FR) = (total employees with disabling injuries × 10^6)/total work hours
  • Note 2: Severity of disabling injuries (SR) = (total days lost to disabling injuries x 10^6)/total work hours
  • Note 3: Independent inspection rate: (Number of cases reported by departments/number of discrepancies reported by safety and health units) *100%


Talent Development

  • Annual planned course completion rate ≧ 100%
  • Percentage of key talent to total employees ≧ 6%
  • Internal employee substitution rate for job openings ≧ 65%
  • Percentage of females to all supervisors ≧ 40%

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • Retention rate of key talent ≧ 98%
  • Voluntary turnover rate ≦ 5%
  • Employee opinion survey average approval rate reaches 80% and above.

Human Rights

  • No major deficiencies are found in external audits or labor inspections
  • Implement human rights policies, and 100% employees complete training and education regarding the policies

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Disabling frequency rate < 0.17
  • Disabling severity rate < 5.9
  • Independent inspection rate > 94%
  • Number of proposals engaging all employees for safety and health > 1,800 proposals
  • Occupational diseases caused by chemical exposures remains zero
  • Voluntary participation rate of health programs ≧ 54%
  • Note 1: Disabling injuries frequency rate (FR) = (total employees with disabling injuries × 10^6)/total work hours
  • Note 2: Severity of disabling injuries (SR) = (total days lost to disabling injuries x 10^6)/total work hours
  • Note 3: Independent inspection rate: (Number of cases reported by departments/number of discrepancies reported by safety and health units) *100%


Talent Development

  • Improvement of professional skills: Establish yearly training development plans based on the Company's strategy; plan diversified learning courses and channels.
  • Training of key talents: Strengthen the training of key talents and increase the proportion of key talents.
  • Individual development: Establish independent learning and employee personal development mechanisms to increase the internal employee substitution rate for job openings.

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • Manpower stabilization: Implement talent retention plans to stabilize outstanding employees and increase the retention rate of key talents.

Human Rights

  • Compliance with laws: Comply with international human rights standards and apply relevant policies and standards in practice.
  • Protect equality: Build workplace equality by establishing risk management and precautionary measures as well as designing diversified communication and complaint channels

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Early diagnosis and early improvement: Continuous PDCA improvements for the occupational health and safety system
  • Safety culture: Build employees' safety awareness and establish a high-quality safety culture
  • Cross-inspection: Cross-inspection by internal and external institutions to strengthen independent inspections

Employee Diversity

Employees are the most important capital to support sustainable operations and innovative R&D of Nanya. We strive to create a friendly working environment where new employees are subjected to systematic training and have access to diverse learning resources to help them quickly accumulate professional knowledge and skills for the semiconductor industry, and receive reasonable compensations in return. The Company also has an Employee Welfare Committee that organizes exciting and interesting recreation activities every year to maintain employees' work-life balance as well as physical and mental well-being and create a sustainable healthy workplace.

Stable workforce

Nanya has a very stable workforce structure. In 2020, the Company had 3,542 permanent employees in Taiwan and overseas subsidiaries (including 98 interns). There were 3,425 employees in Taiwan, accounting for 96.70% of all employees, and the 117 employees in overseas subsidiaries accounted for 3.30%. In addition, there were 41 non-permanent employees. Male employees totaled 2,569 whereas female employees totaled 973, representing a gender ratio of 2.64 (male):1 (female). The average age of the Company's employees is 36.9. The 30-50 age group was the most dominant of all, representing 64.97% of the total employee size. 100% of permanent and non-permanent employees were hired directly by the Company. The Company hired no part-time staff in 2020 and 100% of its employees worked on a full-time basis.

In terms of female employees, the number of female employees has continued to increase in recent years, and the proportion of female employees in STEM-related positions has increased significantly. Female STEM employees in 2020 have increased by 30% compared with 2017, highlighting that Nanya is not affected by stereotypes and hire R&D candidates that meet the job requirements.

Number and Percentage of Female Staff in the Last 4 Years

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Attracting Talents

The Company adopts recruitment policies that comply with labor regulations in Taiwan as well as its own ethical employment principles. The Company strives to provide equal employment opportunities and environment, and recruit talents solely based on individual professional capabilities and experience without discrimination whether in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion, political association, place of birth, marital status, appearance or disability. Employees' promotion, performance evaluation, training, reward and discipline after hiring have been explicitly stated in policies. This gives everyone job and training opportunities in a fair manner. In 2020, 325 engineers were recruited into Taiwan operations to support organizational transformation and transition into advanced production processes. New recruits accounted for approximately 10.6% of the Company's total employees in 2020. Gender distribution of new recruits was approximately4.34 (male):1 (female). The Company recruits entry-level engineering talents through factory sites and campus recruitment programs. The Company approaches renowned local colleges each year to recruit engineering talents with various skill levels and matches them to open positions on-site. Recruitment of entry-level production line operators is carried out with the help of local employment service stations near the Company's plants. On-site interviews are held from time to time, and local residents are hired as a priority to promote local employment. Managers of Taiwan operations consist entirely of Taiwanese nationals for 100% localized hiring.

The Company approached campuses and engaged young students in a series of interaction, communication and discussion based on the theme "You be the Leader of the Future". It is our hope to encourage all willing students to pursue a dream career in the high-tech industry and contribute to semiconductor development in Taiwan.

Talent Retention and Employee Care

Nanya offers competitive salary packages compare to the semiconductor industry and provides a full range of welfare measures and training systems that address employees' needs in all aspects from work to life and health. It is the goal of the Company to create a work environment where employees may realize their full potentials with peace of mind, and for which we have implemented an employee assistance program as part of our corporate social responsibilities.

Enhanced work security & Employee Engagement

  • Separation Rate
  • In response to changes in the industry and challenges in the business environment, Nanya has won the trust and recognition of employees with a favorable working environment and lifestyle guarantee. The Company promotes various retention and incentive measures. The Company has also established a quarterly incentive system to encourage employees to achieve organizational goals and share the company’s business profits. Any transfer of positions or staff relocation are in accordance with the Labor Standards Law and related regulations. For employees who have the intention to leave, the Company conducts interviews with the parties to understand the reasons for their resignations and future plans; the Company also provides relevant suggestions based on employee needs. The voluntary separation rate in 2020 was 4.74% (the male to female ratio of those who resigned is approximately 3.97:1). Compared to the voluntary separation rate of 5.55% in 2019, there was a 0.81% decrease.

  • Nanya conducts an organization-wide Employee Engagement Survey annually to gain insight into employees’ level of approval towards the Company on several aspects, including work, management, and organizational vision. This survey used 29 questions to collect employees' opinions on 6 aspects. It received a response rate of 93%, which was a 2% increase from the previous year. The results revealed that the average level of approval from all employees was 71%, showing a slight drop of 1% from the 72% received in the previous year. It is speculated that this was caused by the way that some employee benefits became limited due to the pandemic.

  • Average Approval Rate

2020 Improvement Plans

  • Introduce professional psychological counseling

    Combine psychological counseling with the original counseling program for new recruits to help new employees familiarize themselves with the work environment more quickly.

  • Communication group trainings for mid-level managers

    Set up group trainings for mid-level managers to help them strengthen leadership and communication skills.

  • Formulate a "Female Empowerment Plan"

    In light of female employees' relatively lower level of satisfaction with promotion/compensation, we have made evaluations and plans for a "Female Empowerment Pan". We hope to improve women's opportunities in work and life as well as increase diversity.

Attractive Compensations

Nanya's salary packages for recruits are determined based on educational background, salary standards in the industry, local economics, and supply/demand of the local labor market, which are outlined in employment contracts. Employees of similar job role, education and career experience are remunerated with equivalent salaries and benefits without gender difference of any kind. Adjustments to employees' salaries and benefits are evaluated primarily based on work performance.

The Company's compensation and welfare systems have been developed through local salary surveys and discussions with regional salary associations, after taking into account factors such as industry competitiveness, macroeconomics, corporate culture and business sustainability. This process ensures the competitiveness of our overall salary package. Monthly salary include base salary, food/transportation/region-based allowance, operational allowance, and efficiency bonus. We also offer additional bonuses and variable compensations based on employees' performance and accomplishment of organizational goals (or profitability), and in doing so, we reward employees for their excellent performance and share with them the profits we make as a group, regardless of their gender. In 2020, the average salary of non-managerial full-time employees was 1,412 thousand NTD, a 0.86% increase compared to 2019. The median salary of non-managerial full-time employees was 1,166 thousand NTD.

Terms of compensation that enhance talent retention

  • Nanya is a composition of Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index, indicating the strong competitiveness of the Company's compensations.

  • Year-end bonus, festive bonus, Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-autumn diligence bonus, grade bonus

  • Long-term incentives: Include employee remuneration, employee stock option certificates, incentive bonus and annual salary adjustments

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W.A.K.E - A Friendly Workplace with an Energized Workforce

In addition to providing competitive salaries, Nanya also promotes the Employee Assistance Program combined with WAKE Up actions—a full range of employee benefit measures based on the themes of Wellness, Assistance, Kindness, Exercise. We hope to achieve the goal of creating a group of joyful technology talents through building a friendly workplace.

  • Wellness

    The Company collaborates with professional medical team from Chang Gung Hospital to provide annual health check service for employees. A total of 1526 employees had completed their health checks in 2020. Employees who exhibit abnormal health check results are tracked on an ongoing basis and subjected to health management. All of our factories have a medical room with a physician stationed on site to provide employees with professional medical and consultation services. Seminars on spirituality and health and healthcare courses are arranged each quarter to meet employees’ need for knowledge on physical and mental health.

  • Assistance

    The Company offers a wide range of benefits from cafeteria, accommodation, shuttle bus to parking to provide a friendly and convenient work environment for employees. The Company also has an Employee Welfare Committee to arrange various benefits and activities for employees. For the convenience of female employees, the Company offers priority parking lots for pregnant employees and has nursery rooms in place to support gender equality in the workplace. The Health Center also conducts maternal health hazard evaluations for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  • Kindness

    For new recruits to adapt to our workplace as quickly as possible, a counselor is made available to offer regular assistance, counseling, and guidance services to new employees who have joined the Company for less than two years, those who have taken the initiative to ask for help, referrals from supervisors, and employees who have taken long sick leaves. The goal is to reduce employees' feelings of insecurity caused by being in a new environment and help them integrate into the Company as quickly as possible.

  • Exercise

    To help employees maintain sound physical and mental health, Nanya holds various events to promote the value of exercising. Fundings are provided to sports clubs such as the jogging club, basketball club, table tennis club, badminton club, and slow pitch club. Nanya's multiple initiatives to promote exercising led to being awarded the "2019 Exercise Enterprise Certification Award" issued by the Sports Administration, MOE. The Company also won the "2020 Outstanding Healthy and Active Workplace Award" by the Health Promotion Administration, MOHW, which shows the improvements in the Company's sports ambiance and external recognition.


Nanya places great emphasis on employees’ rights and has formulated the Labor and Ethics Policy. The Company complies with relevant international human rights standards, including the behavioral guidelines of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Social Accountability 8000 Standard (SA8000), International Labour Organization (ILO), The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and local government regulations. By implementing human rights risk assessment and management, the Company hopes to create an inclusive and diversity-friendly workplace. Read More

Human rights risk survey

Nanya assesses human rights risks using RBA and workplace health principles. The Company has an internal audit system in place to regularly assess employees' risk exposure and devise mitigation measures accordingly. We constantly identify human rights issues, susceptible parties and departments, and perform human rights risk assessments on a regular basis. Risk values are calculated to reflect the percentage of people at risk relative to total employees; based on the assessment results, the Company is able to devise annual improvements and set mitigation targets for human rights risks in the future.

In 2020, the Human Rights Risk Assessment Framework was updated to include issues of human trafficking, equal remuneration, non-discrimination, freedom of association, and right to collective bargaining. A high-risk assessment method was also set up to calculate risk values based on the percentage represented by high-risk persons. The human rights risk value was 3.6% in 2020, which was a decrease of 6.8% compared to 2019. However, overtime work was still a medium-risk issue with exposure risks. We also launched mitigation and remedial measures in response to human rights risk factors.

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Labor-management relations and communication

The Company has diverse, open, and transparent communication channels to maintain harmonic employment relations, facilitate labor-management collaboration and improve workers' benefits. The Company also has a complaint mailbox, whistleblower hotline, and sexual harassment prevention hotline available for reporting illegal matters, and any opinions concerning corporate policies may be raised using the Management System Improvement Opinion Form. Employees are entitled to communicate openly and thoroughly with the management about work-related or personal affairs, terms of employment, salary, benefits, and personal opinions through the following channels:

  • Meetings
    • Regular convention of employee meetings
    • Administration contact window forum
    • Production line workers' quarterly meetings
    • Unscheduled department meetings
  • Bilateral communication platform
    • Life Space
    • Feedbacks and opinions
    • Epidemic prevention mailbox
  • Electronic survey
    • Satisfaction with catering service
    • Satisfaction with activities
    • Employee Engagement Survey
  • 68 cases Number of feedbacks and opinions raised in 2020

    Within 5 days Average time of reply per case

    The TOP 3 issues
    • Parking issues - 19 cases (27.94%)
    • Plant environment issues - 16 cases (23.53%)
    • Epidemic prevention issues - 8 cases (11.76%)
  • Employee meetings are held two times a year
  • Interactive opinion online platform

The employees of Nanya have established a labor union since April 2012. Although the Company and the labor union have not signed a group agreement, we still actively maintain communication and harmony. Monthly meetings with the labor union have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but various communication channels are still utilized to exchange information, allowing the labor union to fully perform its functions and express opinions. This strengthens the harmonious employment relationship and benefits.

Union members in the last 3 years - Taiwan

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