Harmonious Workplace
An Attractive Employer for Professional Talents
Nanya Technology Corporation continues to create momentum for growth amid change. Even during material changes in the environment, we use talent retention and cultivation to preserve competitive advantages and accept employee opinions to create a safe, human rights-based, and harmonious workplace and fulfill our business targets.
We organized a total of 1,786 courses in 2018 and accumulated 73,074 hours in total training participation
100% retention rate after unpaid
parental leave
0% disabling injuries frequency rate
and disabling injuries severity rate
NTC sincerely invites people who are honest, optimistic, responsible, proactive, and global citizens to join the team in order to create values and make differences together.
The four core values of NTC:
Employees' compensation and bonus
Nanya Technology Corporation is a composition of Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index
Year-end bonus, festive bonus, Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-autumn diligence bonus, grade bonus
Include employee remuneration, employee stock option certificates, incentive bonus and annual salary adjustments
Benefit Program
Talent Development
NTC is people-oriented and advocates lifelong learning while assisting employees with their career development. NTC goal is to create a competitive training system suitable for the semiconductor industry.
To improve talent quality and support employees' ongoing education and career development. To optimize the training system and offer diverse, systematic training solutions needed for employees to develop proper skills, knowledge and attitude, and thereby accomplish the Company's annual strategic objectives.
Training procedures, education/training implementation rules, structured on-the-job training policy, on-job training management policy, internal instructors training policy, and training materials management policy.
Annual training plans are devised and executed according to corporate strategies. The Company monitors training indicators on a monthly basis, whereas the Training & Development Committee conducts quarterly reviews on plan execution and training outcome.
Training Categories
Core skills
The orientation is intended to provide new employees with a quick understanding of the corporate environment and the semiconductor industry, and help them adapt to the Company's organization and culture in shorter time.
General knowledge training
This training mainly comprises courses that have been structured in line with the government's legal requirements on worker safety, environment and health, or customers' product quality requirements, or the Company's business development strategies.
Function-based specialized training
Specialized training is a systematic way for employees to develop professional knowledge and the required skills, and incorporates one-to-one mentorship, operations certification, and external training assignment.
Direct employee training
Direct employees are offered pre-job training on the professional knowledge and machine operation skills to help them obtain the required certifications. By adopting the trainer system and offering rewards, direct employees are given the incentive to adapt quickly to the clean room environment and join the production line at an earlier time.
Management training
The Company not only offers managerial skill training for managers of different grades, grade 1 and grade 2 management reserves are also required to participate in advanced management workshops depending on their roles. These training courses are intended to improve leadership, decision-making and adaptation of management philosophy among management reserves. In addition, the annual senior management strategy meetings further unite strategic consensus within the Company, and contribute effectively to the accomplishment of corporate objectives.
Individual development
Administrative resources and incentives are being offered in accordance with the Company's on-job training policy to encourage lifelong learning and support career development among employees.
Internal lecturers training
The Company has an internal training program in place to develop quality lecturers for the purpose of transferring corporate knowledge.
To show gratitude and encouragement for lecturers' contribution, the Company organizes commendation events during Teacher's Day in September with the support and participation of senior management.
Occupational Jnjury Prevention Goals
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