Sustainability commitments and SDGs

NTC hopes that the promotion of corporate social responsibility can bring benefits to both corporate operation and social welfare. Based on the 14 material issues, we have made a commitment to sustainability till 2021 and set 46 goals, while responding to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so as to implement the foundation of sustainable management. In the future, we will annually review the development and results of each goal, actively disclosing related information to the public in order to drive the power of change.

A Trustworthy Company

Business Integrity
Risk Management
Long-term goals →
The Best Memory Partner for
Our Customers
R&D and Innovation
Customer Service
Long-term goals →
A Promoter of Shared Value

Supplier Sustainability
Long-term goals →
A Producer of Green

Eco-friendly Products
Greenhouse Gas Management
Energy Management
Water Management
Emissions, Waste and Recycling
Long-term goals →
An Attractive Employer for
Professional Talents
Talent Retention and Employee Care
Talent Development
Occupational Safety and Health
Long-term goals →
An Active Participant in
Community and Social welfare
Social Engagement

Long-term goals →
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