Our Commitment

Nanya Technology Corporation (NTC) commits to continuously enhance corporate governance, ensure shareholders’ equity, and establish a harmonious, healthy and safe working environment. NTC also strives for the coexistence of green technology and environmental sustainability. We actively participate in social welfare and make best efforts for social responsibility.

Our Vision

Best DRAM Provider for Smart World
Nanya Technology strives to provide the best services and values to our customers and partners.Through the strategic alliances with customers and vendors, NTC continues to strengthen product development and manufacturing to meet diversified demand, providing a full range of products and system solutions for our customers.

Our missions
  1. Continuous profits and sustainable operations
  2. Risk forecast and precautionary measures
  3. Employee welfare and profit sharing
  4. Raise the awareness of environment protection
  5. Supporting local communities and share prosperity with the society
Core Value

The four core values of Nanya Technology Corporation are innovation, integrity, accountability, and efficiency. Innovation is the driving force behind the company’s growth in technology and competitiveness. We treat customers, suppliers, and partners with integrity. Executives and employees are held accountable for meeting these company-wide goals with efficiency. We believe that corporate sustainable development can only be truly implemented to address social expectations through the establishment of core values.