Mobile & Portable DRAM Trend

High performance. Low power consumption. Smaller package.

Mobile phone and portable devices are at the center of our lives and continue to adopt enriched features from larger display, multiple screens, higher resolution, extended battery life and power saving, voice, data transmission and connectivity. As the mobile devices become lighter and thinner, form factor is a critical component to make this a reality.


DRAM Solution

Nanya Technology carries a comprehensive mobile product line that covers technologies from LPDDR1 to LPDDR4X, with densities ranging up to 32Gb. Nanya supports multiple package options for low power DRAM that include PoP or BGA or MCP packages depending on customer requirements. The long term reliability of Nanya’s low power DRAM makes us a trusted partner to serve these needs.

Considering the special package in design work, the alternatives of KGD and RDL services are supported to release from engineering bottlenecks and time-to-market pressure .


Product Recommendations