Why Nanya

Nanya Technology Corporation is a world-class semiconductor manufacturing facility located in the Greater Taipei area. We strive to create a humane and comfortable office environment where new employees are able subjected to systematic training and have access to diverse learning resources to help them quickly accumulate professional knowledge and skills for the semiconductor industry.

Nanya Technology Corporation strive to become the best employer by designing and providing an environment where talents may thrive.


Job Search

The Company invites honest, motivated, passionate and innovative individuals to join the organization and contribute to the prosperity of the semiconductor industry.

Campus Recruitment

Nanya Technology Corporation strive to become the besThe Company recruits entry-level engineering talents through campus recruitment programs. The Company approaches renowned local colleges each year to recruit engineers graduates of bachelor, masters and doctoral degree and matches them to open positions on-site.

and engaged young students in a series of interaction, communication and discussion based on the theme - "Infinite Future." It is our hope to encourage all willing students to pursue a dream in the high-tech industry and contribute to semiconductor development in Taiwan.