Compensation in Nanya:
  • Competitive compensation package.
  • year-end bonus, cash gift at the Dragon Boat Festival and the Moon Festival, personal performance incentive bonus.
  • Employee Profit sharing bonus, employee stock purchasing plan.
Benefits in Nanya
  • Nanya provides benefits beyond regulatory requirement, which all employees are eligible for application on demand
  • Statutory labor insurance, national health insurance
  • Retirement Plan and Its Practices : To keep employee’s mind on his work and make his retirement life with good quality, NTC has established a Retirement Plan according to Regulations Governing the Retirement of the Factory Workers of Taiwan Province, Labor Standards Act, and Labor Retirement Pension. For those choosing the old pension fund system, the Company has deposit 2% monthly salary to a special retirement Account of Taiwanese bank. It has been supervised by NTC Worker Retirement Fund Supervisory Committee. For the others choosing the new pension fund system, the Company contributes 6% monthly salary to employee’s individual retirement account in accordance with Monthly Contribution Wages Classification of Labor Pension. Employees are eligible to contribute more amounts voluntarily, and the amount will be deposit into his retirement account also. The execution of Pension Plan is under a good condition.
  • Employees group insurance.
  • Periodical physical examination.
  • health center with nurse.
  • Birthday gift certificate, cash stipends on the occasions of having a baby and getting married,Marriage and funeral allowance.
  • Employees travel activities, Family Day activities, In-house recreational facilities,Diverse club activities.
  • Staff canteen and convenience store, Employee meal subsidy.
  • Dormitory for single employee, company bus service. Well-facilitated parking lot for safe and convenient employee parking.
  • Special discount for employees and their families at any of the Chang Gang Memorial Hospital, scholarship for employees’children.
  • Contracted stores with preferential prices, subsidy to employee groups.
  • Employee feedback channel.