Life and Culture

At Nanya, there are employee cafeterias, convenient stores, cafes, and etc. providing employees with various options. Besides, there is also a fitness facility which includes basketball and badminton courts in order to foster an environment where employees can stay healthy and active while working.

Traffic Regulation

In order to help employees better arrange the transportation, Nanya provides multiple shuttle routes, such as Danfeng MRT station, South Kanyan line, Taipei line, and etc. Indoor and outdoor parking for automobiles, scooters, and bicycles are provided as well.


For employees who live far away, female and male dormitories are available at Nanya.

Welfare Committee

Welfare Committee hosts different activities and provides various welfare programs, such as family day, children's scholarship, maternity allowance, community subsidy, birthday and holiday vouchers, and so on to encourage employees enjoy and balance lives well.