Sustainable Development

To implement sustainable development goals, NTC's Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Sustainable Development Committee on August 3, 2022. The Committee consists of 7 directors, including 4 independent directors, with the President, one of the Committee members, serving as the convener. The Committee regularly reviews the Company's sustainable development strategies, vision, goals, implementation guidelines, and outcomes, and reports to the Board of Directors.

NTC has also established the Sustainable Development Steering Center, led by the Vice President, to promote the implementation of various sustainability initiatives. Additionally, a dedicated unit, the Sustainability and Risk Management Division within the President's office, functions as the secretariat. It is accountable for convening quarterly sustainable development and risk management meetings, planning and overseeing various action plans and risk projects, as well as integrating and monitoring the execution and effectiveness of corporate governance, economic, environmental, and social aspects. The division ensures effective horizontal and vertical communication within the organization and actively promotes the Company's commitment to sustainable development.

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CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)