When was Nanya Technology incorporated and when did Nanya Technology go public?
Nanya Technology Corporation was incorporated in March, 1995 and went public in August, 2000. Please refer to Company Profile for more information.
When does Nanya Technology fiscal year end?
Nanya Technology fiscal year ends on December 31 and the fiscal quarter end for the first quarter is January 1 thru March 31 thereof. For historical earnings release dates as well as upcoming events, please refer to Investor Calendar.
When does Nanya Technology announce its monthly revenue and release its quarterly results?
Nanya Technology does not set official dates for its announcement of monthly revenue and release of quarterly earnings. Please refer to Monthly Revenue and Financial Reports for more information.
How many Nanya Technology shares are outstanding?
As of the end of October 2016, the number of outstanding shares was 2,748,565,810 (common shares). Please refer to Market Observation Post System for more information.
What is Nanya Technology stock code on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)?
Nanya's stock code is 2408 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Please refer to Stock Quotes for Nanya’s stock price.
When will Nanya’s annual shareholder meeting be held?
According to the guideline, Nanya's annual shareholder meeting will be held between May and June every year. Please refer to Shareholder Meeting for more information.
What is Nanya's dividend history?
The dividend payment period and historical data are available at the Shareholder Meeting.
What is Nanya's dividend policy?
Whenever there are profits of the company, it shall be used to pay all outstanding taxes, recover the company’s accumulated losses, and set aside 10% thereof in a legal reserve. Thereafter, the remaining profit, if any, after set aside a special reserve or reserves for certain undistributed earnings for business purposes, shall collectively with any undistributed surplus earnings from previous fiscal years, be included in a surplus earning distribution plan submitted by the Board of Directors for approval at a shareholders’ meeting.
The company belongs to a high-technology and capital intensive industry and its operations are still experiencing significant growth. To accommodate the long-term financial projection of the Company, the Company adopts the policy that dividends shall be distributed appropriately in accordance with the Company's budget of capital expenditures. In principle, the stock dividends distributed by the Company shall not exceed 50% of the total distributable dividends of that year.
How to request a copy of Nanya's annual report or company profile?
Please refer to Annual Reports and Company Profile for more information.
Are there any questions have not yet been answered?
Please submit your questions or concerns through IR Contact if you have other questions or concerns.