Intellectual Property Management

In order to encourage its employees to bring forth innovation and safeguard the security of the core technology independently developed by itself, Nanya has set forth IP management strategy in alignment with its business operation objectives and R&D resource allocations for mitigating operation risks, further strengthening the Company's competitive advantages.

• Strategy of IP Management

Nanya's IP management measures are implemented under IP-awareness enhancement and Patent Portfolio Management System. With its Patent Portfolio Committee, Reward System, and Training Program, the Company has been striving to improve its IP portfolio quality and quantity, comprehensively and effectively manage intellectual property innovation, strengthen the Company's competitiveness, and aggressively defend against baseless litigations.

• Trade Secret Protection

Nanya establishes a Trade Secret Management System and encourages its employees to keep secret in the management system. In term of Information Security, Nanya also develops the "Rules for Management of Information Security" to secure personal data and customer privacy. Meanwhile, Nanya provides its employees with training program guiding them to abide by trade secret law, to recognize trade secrets & confidential information, and to mitigate the risk of release of that information.

• Operation

At least once a year, Nanya updates to the Board of Directors the status of the intellectual property management scheme. The latest report date is November 3, 2021. Nanya has established mechanism to generate company value from intellectual property. The following shows the implementations in recent years:

  • Since 2007, the electronic processes and internal patent retrieval system platform has  been optimized further and the Patent Portfolio Committee has been established.
  • Protecting trade secrets compliance training course is included in new employee orientation program and listed as a mandatory learning course for all employees, and 8 sessions have been offered for 3,779 employees in 2021. In addition, the online course is also provided for learning.

• Performance

  • Patents: Nanya has accumulated over 6,700 patent applications worldwide and more than 5,101 patent grants worldwide as of the end of October,2021.
  • Trade Secret: Nanya received "ISO 27001" Certification for Information Security Management System, and has completed its periodic audit this year.