Nanya Technology and Suppliers Commit to the “Sustainable Development Initiative”

November 24th, 2022 –Nanya Technology today held the “2022 Supply Chain Conference on ESG”, inviting all supplier to commit to the “Sustainable Development Initiative” for corporate sustainability and the goal of net zero.

In response to the dynamic supply chain environment, Nanya Technology invited suppliers and OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services) partners to join the conference on ESG and “Sustainable Development Initiative”. At the conference, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at SEMI and the President of SEMI Taiwan, Terry Tsao introduced the ESG trends in the semiconductor industry. Nanya Technology’s Vice President, Joseph Wu shared the company’s sustainable management strategy, supply chain’s climate actions, and future cooperation policy. KANTO-PPC Inc.’s Senior Director, Fiona Chen introduced the green supply chain implementation, and Patrick Chen, Merck Taiwan Semiconductor Materials Country Head and Head of Asia Pacific Sales for Specialty Gas, shared their ESG practices.

“For our suppliers to understand and implement corporate sustainability, we established the Supplier Code of Conduct, which 295 of our suppliers have signed. Through the “Sustainable Development Initiative”, we expect our partners to pursue business performance while implement ESG. At the same time, partners will actively take climate action to mitigate the impact of operations on the climate and the environment, and adopt human rights protection and compliance with RBA norms. Nanya Technology will continue to exert influence with suppliers to improve the sustainable performance of the industry.”, said Nanya Technology’s President, Dr. Pei-Ing Lee.

Nanya has established a supply chain management framework. Starting from 2022, Nanya Technology's management team led a delegation to visit a total of 8 suppliers and outsourcing factories to discuss industrial sustainability policies. Nanya also participates in the SEMI Taiwan Sustainable Manufacturing Committee and the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC), and engages with supply chains to promote sustainable partnership programs and move towards net zero.

Nanya Technology and Suppliers Commit to the “Sustainable Development Initiative”

Nanya Technology today held the “2022 Supply Chain Conference on ESG”