Nanya Technology Curates an Industry and Academia Design Project for Sustainability

June 13th, 2022 – Nanya Technology Corporation, (“Nanya”) collaborates with Ming Chi University of Technology for an Environmental Sustainability event, “Copper Together - Transformation of Copper Sulfate Waste”. Using recycled copper-containing liquid waste as raw material, and integrating with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) concepts, 53 creative copper gifts, were designed by the students from Department of Industrial Design. The 8 winning design works will be exhibited in the company’s headquarters from June 13th to June 24th, 2022.

“Nanya is committed to becoming a practitioner of green manufacturing. The company has installed wastewater recycling systems since 2016 and the copper sulfate waste liquid was directly converted to copper foil through electrolysis equipment. Nanya is expecting to initiate environment sustainability, and bring public’s and young generation’s attention to promote environment protection.”, said Nanya Technology’s Executive Vice President, Dr. Lin-Chin Su.

“The school advocates interdisciplinary with the concept of design thinking. This time, we cooperate with Nanya Technology on the design project "Copper Together", using recycled copper and the design thinking method to guide our freshmen to develop their creativity and cultivate their practical ability. The results not only show the importance of industry and academia cooperation, further improve the recognition of all participants to the concept of SDGs, but also enable professors and students to experience Nanya’s corporate philosophy.”, said Ming Chi University of Technology President, Thu-Hua Liu.

Nanya Technology has launched a series of sustainable industry-university collaboration projects with Ming Chi University of Technology this year, including holding a design thinking courses and workshops to introduce the concept of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, there are more than 800 freshmen participated in the course. As for the “Copper Together - Transformation of Copper Sulfate Waste” project, we aim to bring green technology and environmental sustainability concepts into campus, as well as advocating the importance of CSR and USR for a positive Influence.