Nanya Technology receives 2020 National Sustainable Development Award - Value Talents.Smart Innovations

November 25, 2020 - Nanya Technology today receives the “ 2020 National Sustainable Development Award” presented by the National Sustainable Development Network of Executive Yuan. This achievement highlights Nanya’s excellence in all dimensions of ESG including corporate governance, environment and social development towards Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals.

President of Nanya Technology, Dr. Pei-Ing Lee said “We developed a deep understanding of the responsibility of a corporate citizen as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. We uphold our core value of innovation and put our three strategies, which are Creating our Value for the Long Term, Strengthening Partnerships with the Stakeholders, and Developing Positive Impact on the Society into practice while corresponding to Taiwan sustainable development on the implementation of green technology, cultivation of talents, and giving back to the society. As we strive to become the best DRAM partner for the smart world.”

Nanya contributes to Taiwan's economic growth and promotes sustainability by partnering with our supply chain to improve business operations in different aspects, from technology, quality, environmental protection, human rights, safety, and hygiene. For the independence of advanced process technologies development, Nanya has successfully developed core cell technology for the 10nm class DRAM process, which will enable the sustainability of its DRAM products for at least three generations and the offering of next-generation DDR5 and LPDDR5 products. As an advocator of green manufacturing, we insist on producing sustainable products with high quality and low energy consumptions. Products sold last year helped consumers saved 409.52 million kWh electricity, which is equivalent to 561 Daan Forest Parks’ CO2 annual absorption capacity.

Employees are the key partner for our sustainable business. We strengthen the unity and harmony of all employees by promoting and fulfilling our core values. With attractive incentives and a harmonious workplace, our employee retention rate has reached above 98%. Meanwhile, Nanya has developed many projects to train DRAM talents through industry-academia collaboration, high-tech talent cultivation, seminars and lectures, internships, and other long-term education plans. We will play our part in the cultivation of Taiwan’s semiconductor professionals.

Nanya has accumulated more than 4,600 patents over the years. We actively introduce AI technologies to enhance production yield through data collection and analysis and have developed more than 50 AI applications since 2019. These applications cover machine pre-diagnostics, process control, productivity increase, quality inspection, and yield analysis with an annual benefit of NT$240 million. We have trained 300 senior engineers with AI theories and practical methods and expect them to develop over 20 new applications each year. Nanya will continue to improve production performance and enhance team value through innovative technology.

Nanya was twice selected as a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Market Index (DJSI) and named as the CDP Climate Change Leadership Level for two consecutive years. Today, the National Sustainable Development Award has further recognized our efforts on the path to sustainable development. As a member of the semiconductor industry, Nanya will continue to enhance its strength and share its achievements, together with our global partners and stakeholders to practice sustainable business and create a positive influence on the environment, society, and economy.