Nanya Technology June 2020 Revenue NT$5,320 Million

July 3rd, 2020– Nanya Technology Corporation (Ticker: 2408) today announced its unaudited consolidated net sales revenue of NT$ 5,320 million for June 2020, representing a 4.15% decrease month-over-month, 30.21% increase year-over-year. Year-to-date consolidated sales revenue was NT$ 30,908 million, 29.80% increase year-over-year. For details, please log on https://www.nanya.com (Investor relations/Financials/Monthly Consolidated Revenue), or Taiwan Stock Exchange website https://emops.twse.com.tw/server-java/t58query.

Nanya Technology’s operation was not affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in the second quarter. However, the COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States, Brazil and India have been severe, the China and U.S. trade disputes deepening and the global economy uncertainty increased. The company will continue to closely monitor the development of the overall events.

Nanya Technology June 2020 Revenue(*Unit: Thousand NTD)
Item Consolidated
2020 June 5,319,753
2020 May 5,549,926
MoM Increase (Decrease)% (4.15%)
2019 June 4,085,655
YoY Increase (Decrease)% 30.21%