Nanya Technology Received Top 10 Taiwanese Sustainable Manufacturing Companies Award

15th Nov. 2023 – Nanya Technology ("Nanya") was awarded by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, one of the most prestigious entities in promoting ESG in Taiwan, for its achievement in the field. On 15th Nov. Nanya's President, Dr Pei-Ing Lee, represented the Company to accept the awards.

Selected as the Top 10 Taiwanese Sustainable Manufacturing Companies for the third consecutive year, Nanya also won eight Leadership Awards in Climate, Water Resource, Supply Chain, Social Inclusion, Information Security, Growth Through Innovation, Transparency and Integrity and Talent Development. Moreover, the Company's Sustainability Report won the Corporate Sustainability Reports Platinum Award. As the winner of the coveted honour, Nanya felt privileged to be recognised for its persistent endeavour in ESG.

President Lee shared that innovation and industry collaboration are pivotal to accelerate corporate sustainability, particularly for Taiwan's semiconductor industry, which relies heavily on energy and talent resources. Nanya has long been dedicated in developing its own advanced technologies and has implemented 90 AI applications on its production processes to enhance resource efficiency. Regarding industry connection, from 2022 Nanya has actively participated in the Semiconductor Climate Consortium of SEMI as founding member and the Sustainable Manufacturing Committee of SEMI Taiwan. With such efforts, Nanya seeks to enlarge influence on education, innovation and policy advocation in the field of ESG.

Nanya's carbon reduction goals, approved by SBTi in 2022, will be realised along with the strategies developed based on TCFD. Compared with 2020, Nanya plans to reduce the GHG emissions of scope 1 and scope 2 by 25%, and the scope 3 by 27% per product. Well knowing that the strength of achieving the goals lies in collective efforts, Nanya presented the Sustainable Development Mutual Benefit Initiative in 2022 and invited 35 suppliers to take actions against climate change. In 2023, Nanya further launched the DRAM Supply Chain Low Carbonisation Program, collaborating with 10 suppliers to transit to low carbon manufacturing.

Aiming to be the best DRAM partner for smart generation, Nanya's ESG actions are underpinned by three strategic pillars: "Creating Shared Value," "Promoting Sustainable Mutual Prosperity," and "Achieving Sustainable Development." To strengthen sustainable and resilient operation, Nanya forms the Sustainable Development Committee for corporate governance and risk management. The Sustainable Development Steering Centre and the Risk Management Steering Centre overseen by the committee are responsible for developing management plans for material topics. Supported by a solid structure, effective strategies and holistic approaches, Nanya will continuously engage with stakeholders to unleash collective success.