ESH Policy and Related Documents

NTC established the Safety & Hygiene Division (called ESH Div.) to specialize in environmental protection, safety and Hygiene management, such as instituting index of environmental and Safety achievements, promoting waste reduction and recycling, reducing Green House gas emission etc. Furthermore, ESH Div. cooperates with Green Product committee to conduct NTC Green Product produce to meet the worldwide environmental related regulations and the current trend of environmental protection.

Sustainable development effort: NTC carry out pollution prevention and reduction of greenhouse gases through the Environmental Management System (ISO14001) operation.

Health and safety performance: Employees ' safety and health is NTC's primary assets. ESH actively promotes the safety and health management and the ESH regulations are stricter than the government’s laws and regulations. ESH also uses risk-assessment-related practices to identify potential risks within the plant in order to have an effective control.

  • Minimize impact on the environment, safety, and health generated in production activities and the process of servicing.
  • Putting into effect the ideas of pollution prevention, hazard control, and continuous improvement to achieve a win-win situation for environmental protection, occupational safety, and health and company growth.
  • Complying with the requests of the laws, regulations, and the commitment we sign about environmental protection to enhance corporate image and ensure sustainable operation.
  • Providing a framework for drawing up and reviewing the environment, safety, and health-related objectives and goals.
  • Use education, training, or communicating with all of the people that who work for NTC or representative of NTC to explain the environmental, safety, and health management system, ESH policy and the impact of the ESH, to enhance employee's conscious of environmental protection, occupational safety, and health.
  • Communicating with all of the people that who work for NTC or who representative of NTC to understand the environmental, safety, and health policy of the company so as to reduce the impact of their activities, products, and services on environment.
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