Our People

NTC believes that high quality workforce is an important key of our company’s sustainable development and success. Based on the concept of cherishing dedicated employees, NTC sees employees as our family members. Therefore, each office has its welfare facilities, such as cafeteria, dormitory, shuttle bus service, parking lot, and etc. By providing complete training courses, friendly working environment and competitive salary package and good benefits, NTC hopes every employee maximize their professional competency and performance to achieve company business goals.

To maintain a positive and harmonious relationship with employees, NTC communicates with employees through multiple channels to understand their needs and answer their concerns. Therefore, NTC employee enjoys comprehensive compensation and policy benefits. Any talents who want to work in a harmonious, healthy are friendly working environment is welcome to work with us. NTC will share the vision with the talented people by offering good career development in order to make the world better together.

1 Case of Industrial Dispute
Communication Bridge

More than 6,000 person-times attend different types of internal meetings

Training Satisfaction

The average satisfaction rate of internal trainings is 4.51 out of 5 points

Gold Medal is awarded by Taiwan Training Quality System (TTQS)
Accredited Health Workplace

NTC is accredited by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare for a health work environment

Employee Activities

More than 9,500 employees and their family members attend employee activities

Human Resources

The Company's human resources structure is stable and healthy. In 2017, there were a total of 2,984 formal employees working in Taiwan and overseas subsidiaries. These employees provided 99.1% of the total workforce in the company, and the remaining 0.9% was 27 non-formal employees, including contracted consultants, regular contract employees and interns. The workforce can be further broken down into 2,105 male and 879 female employees in a ratio of approximately 2.39 to 1. The major workforce (96%) comes from Taiwan and the average age is 35.8, with the largest percentage falling on the age group of 30 to 49. Formal employees are recruited 100% by the Company. No third-party agencies are involved. No part-time employees were recruited in 2017; 100% of our employees worked full-time. The nationality of employees is mainly Taiwanese. In addition to Taiwanese, employees with eight different nationalities (i.e. French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, British, and American) were employed in the past three years.  [Learn More]

Compensation and Benefits

NTC regards employees as family; therefore, we are committed to creating an environment where the employees can work with a sense of security and extend their talents without impedance. In the Taiwan plant, we built basic facilities for dining, accommodation, and recreations, and planned comprehensive welfare systems and programs with employees' long-term welfare in mind. With NTC being part of the Formosa Plastics Group, the employees are entitled to use the facilities of the Group and to the same level of stable remuneration and benefits. As a member of the semiconductor industry, we continue to plan and develop competitive remuneration and benefit systems, as well as upgrading the plants and facilities, striving to continuously upgrade the corporate image.  [Learn More]

Employee Development

To provide a better and more effective talent development system, NTC established a comprehensive competency training and training development management system to help the employee develop their careers and achieve diversified learning. Through the planning and implementation of various welfare facilities , activation of organization, facilitation of two-way communication between employee and management team, NTC established sound and positive employee relationship.  [Learn More]

Employee Relations

Nanya Technology is very serious about labor rights. To safeguard the rights of our employees, we formulated labor and ethics policies (external links), following the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, SA 8000 Social Responsibility Standards, International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the laws and regulations promulgated by the local government. We have also implemented a human rights risk assessment and management system, striving to build a tolerant and friendly workplace.  [Learn More]

Safety Workplace

NTC has never forgot the importance of injury prevention. We continue to request all employees and suppliers to raise their awareness on safety, the following measures to prevent occupational injury: 1. Collaborate with Formosa Plastics Group to promote process safety management (PSM) 2. Implement hazard and operability analysis (HazOp) to assess potential equipment risks 3. Implement job safety analysis(JSA) to assess potential job risks 4. Implement occupational safety and health education and training programs 5. Implement safety walk and talk(SWAT); To improve employees with health, NTC implements the following measures:1. Special hazard health inspection (noise, free radiation, arsenic, indium, mercury, inorganic compounds, etc.) and graded health management 2. Health management plan (work hour overload, repetitive musculoskeletal risk prevention) 3. Maternal health hazard assessment for pregnant women 4. More than 5 healthcare talks and blood donation activities held every year 5. Workplace monitoring twice a year 6. Graded chemical management system.  [Learn More]