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The Best Partner for Our Customer

"Innovation" is one of the driving forces for Nanya's growth and competitiveness and one of our four core values. We shall strengthen product research, development, and manufacturing to satisfy customers' diverse demands and become the best memory partner for the smart generation. Read More

Rewards for improvement proposals 207 Cases

R&D expenses accounted for 8.8% of revenue and R&D personnel accounted for 26.8% of employees. 8.8 %

Complete product life cycle inventory of products 100 %

An Attractive Employer for Professional Talents

In order to create momentum for growth even amid continuous changes in the external environment, Nanya uses talent retention and cultivation to preserve competitive advantages. We also accept employee opinions to create a safe, human rights-based, and harmonious workplace and fulfill our business targets. Read More

Employee opinion survey average approval rate 72 %

Internal employee substitution rate for job openings continued to reach a new high 84.5 %

Disabling frequency rate and disabling severity rate 0

A Practitioner of Green Technology

Nanya actively manage all impacts on the environment incurred during operational processes. On the aspects of energy, resources, emissions, and waste, we adopt higher standards than regulations to avoid or reduce risks of the impacts, setting goals to review execution results of sustainability performance in order to fulfill our responsibilities for cleaner production and safeguard the natural environment. Read More

Reduced VOC emissions per unit capacity by 46.3% compared with 2017 46.3 %

Greenhouse gas verification in the factory area and coverage rate of climate change risk identification 100 %

Annual average process waste water recovery rate 90.8 %

A Promoter of Shared Value

Suppliers have always been Nanya's most important business partners. We aim to enhance cooperation to create greater value and share the value and benefits of cooperation and create a sustainable future. Read More

Accumulated amount of refunds to migrant workers of suppliers NT$ 45.1 Millions

Critical suppliers' completion of self-evaluation questionnaire on sustainability issues 100 %

Electricity saved through asking suppliers to implement energy-saving projects 3,315 MWh

An Active Participant in Giving Back to Society

Nanya is committed to social engagement and participates in public affairs and local care to become an active participant that gives back to the society. We promote social influence and community development to lead the society to a better and sustainable future. Read More

Held 44 talks with a total of 2,964 participants 2,964 participants

Number of hours invested by Nanya in social engagement 2,158 hours

Used fair trade coffee and assisted community development and economic growth in the Third World 17,404 participants

A Trustworthy Company

Nanya adheres to regulations and abides by moral standards. We continue to strengthen corporate governance and risk management mechanisms and use comprehensive education and training programs to improve the professional ethics of all employees and build common prosperity in the industry to become the most trustworthy company. Read More

Customers are satisfied with the overall performance of Nanya 98.5 %

Inclusion as Constituent of "DJSI World Index" and "Emerging Markets Index" DJSI World Index

Top 5% in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation of Public Companies Top 5 %

ESG News

  • Nanya Technology Once Again Included into Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and Emerging Markets Index

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  • Nanya Technology Received “A” List Rating, CDP's Highest Honor in response to Water Security

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  • Nanya Technology President Pei-Ing Lee Honored with 2022 GCSA Outstanding Professional

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  • A Producer of Green Technology

Recognition and Awards

  • Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and Emerging Markets Index Ranked 1st in the global memory industry
  • Bronze Class Medal in the Sustainability Yearbook 2022
  • Climate Change – A List Water Security – Leadership Level
  • 2021 National Enterprises Environmental Protection Award from the EPA
  • FTSE4Good Emerging Markets Index FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index
  • Prime Status by the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) ESG’s Corporate Rating
  • MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI)
  • Top 10 TCSA Model, GCSA on Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Sustainability Reports Platinum Award, and 7 Sustainable Individual Performance Leadership

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