Fair Trade Pantry in Nanya


Nanya Technology has long supported fair trade and expanded its influence this year to create a brand new fair trade pantry. The pantry is aim to increase employees’ awareness of fair trade, also to showcase the company’s idea of supporting fair-trade coffee so as to assist the community development in third world countries, and improve the lives of impoverished farmers.

In the fair trade pantry, environmentally friendly plastic plywood is used to build cabinets, and the walls are painted with water-based cement paints that have obtained environmental protection labels and healthy green building materials. A fair trade coffee machine is placed in the pantry for employees and guests to enjoy, and a display wall is planned inside to promote fair trade information. We hope to bring the concept of fair trade and eco-friendly concept to this space, so that the pantry is no longer just a place to fill water, but a sustainable place where ideas can be exchanged and promoted.

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