An Attractive Employer for Professional Talents

In order to create momentum for growth even amid continuous changes in the external environment, Nanya uses talent retention and cultivation to preserve competitive advantages. We also accept employee opinions to create a safe, human rights-based, and harmonious workplace and fulfill our business targets.


  • 85.9 %

    Employee substitution rate for internal job openings reached 85.9%, up 1.7% compared with 2021

  • 76.2 %

    Employee Engagement Survey reached the average approval rate of 76.2%, up 4.2% compared to 2021

  • 200 points

    Full score of 200 points, RBA VAP Verification Plan

Strategy and Performance

2022 Performance

Talent Cultivation and Development

  • Annual planned course completion rate: 178.5% (Goals: ≧100%)
  • Percentage of key talent to total employees: 5.5% (Goals: ≧4%)
  • Internal employee substitution rate: 85.9% (Goals: ≧62%)
  • Received the Talent Development Quality Gold Award (Goals: TTQS Talent Development Quality Gold Award)

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • Retention rate of key talent: 99.5% (Goals: ≧98%)
  • Voluntary turnover rate: 8.8% (Goals: ≦5%)
  • Average approval rate inf Employee Engagement Survey 76.2% (Goals: ≧75%)

Human Rights

  • No major deficiencies are found in external audits or labor inspections
  • Workplace violence:0 event (Goals: 0 cases)
  • Employees' educational training on labor ethics completion rate: 100%(Goals: 100%)

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Frequency of disabling injuries: 0 (Goals: <0.21)
  • Severity of disabling injuries: 0 (Goals: <6.8)
  • Internal and external independent inspection rate: 94.1% (Goals: >93.8%)


Talent Cultivation and Development

  • Annual planned course completion rate ≧100%
  • Percentage of key talent to total employees: 5.7%
  • Internal employee substitution rate: ≧65%
  • Received the TCSA Talent Development Leader Award

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • Retention rate of key talent: ≧98%
  • Voluntary turnover rate: ≦6%
  • Average approval rate inf Employee Engagement Survey ≧75%

Human Rights

  • No major deficiencies are found in external audits or labor
  • Workplace violence: 0 event
  • Employees' educational training on labor ethics completion rate: 100%

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Frequency of disabling injuries: <0.19
  • Severity of disabling injuries: <6.5
  • Internal and external independent inspection rate: >93.9%


Talent Cultivation and Development

  • Competency improvement: Formulate annual training and development plans, and plan diverse learning courses and channels
  • Key talent: Strengthen key talent development and increase the percentage of key talent
  • Personal development: Establish self-learning and employee individual development mechanisms to increase the employee substitution rate for internal positions

Talent Retention and Employee Care

  • Manpower stabilization: Implement talent retention plans to stabilize outstanding employees and increase the retention rate of key talents

Human Rights

  • Regulatory compliance: Comply with international human rights standards and apply relevant policies and standards in practice
  • Protect equality: Build workplace equality by establishing risk management and precautionary measures as well as designing diversified communication and complaint channels

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Early diagnosis and early improvement: Continuous PDCA improvements for the occupational health and safety system
  • Safety culture: Build employees' safety awareness and establish a high-quality safety culture
  • Cross-inspection: Cross-inspection by internal and external institutions to strengthen independent inspections

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Employees are not only the most important capital to Nanya, but also the key to supporting sustainable operations and innovative R&D within the Company. We strive to create a humane and comfortable office environment where new employees are subjected to systematic training and have access to diverse learning resources to help them quickly accumulate professional knowledge and skills for the semiconductor industry, and receive reasonable compensations in return. The Company also has an Employee Welfare Committee that organizes exciting and interesting recreation activities on a yearly basis to maintain employees' work-life balance as well as physical and mental well-being, and create a sustainably healthy workplace. We believe a competitive and stable workforce to be essential for improving the productivity and competitive advantage of the Company. We continue to design and provide an environment where talents may thrive. Through talent cultivation, we strive to become the best employer that looks after talents.

  • Diversified recruitment policy

    Since Nanya has business operations based in Taiwan and overseas, the nationalities of the Company's employees are quite diverse. In addition to Taiwanese staff, 111 employees of the following 15 nationalities were also hired in 2022. Our employees form an internationally diversified workplace. In descending order, the top five nationalities of foreign managers were American, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Indonesian.

    Nanya also supports the government's policies of hiring people with disabilities as part of its workplace friendly diversity initiative. As of December 2022, Nanya hired a total of 36 employees with disabilities into Taiwan operations, which represented 1.01% of total employees. We continue to work towards hiring more people with disabilities and provide appropriate job positions. Through increasing job opportunities for people with disabilities, we intend to build a diversity-friendly workplace.

  • Stable workforce

    The semiconductor industry is both capital and technology intensive. It not only involves multi-billion-dollar plants and manufacturing equipment, but also requires a substantial number of outstanding engineering talents to join the production team of Nanya. Nanya has a very stable workforce structure. In 2022, the Company has a total of 3,685 permanent employees in Taiwan and in overseas subsidiaries (including 89 interns), in which 86.62% are specialists. Formal male employees totaled 2,670 (accounting for 72.5%), whereas formal female employees totaled 1,015 (accounting for 27.5%), representing a gender ratio of 2.63 (male) : 1 (female).

    In 2022, Nanya Technology Corporation had 27 female mid-level managers, which accounted for 14.14% of all midlevel managers; there were also 3 female senior-level managers, representing 5.26% of all senior-level managers.

    The average age of the Company's employees was 37.86 years old. The 30-50 age group was the most dominant of all, representing 67.41% of total employee size. Most employees had a bachelor or master's degree. All formal and informal employees are directly hired by the Company. The Company did not hire any part-time staff in 2022 and 100% of its employees worked on a full-time basis.

  • Attracting top talents

    The Company hired a total of 373 engineers in Taiwan in 2022. The Company recruits entry-level engineering talents through factory sites and campus recruitment programs. The Company approaches renowned local colleges each year to recruit engineering talents with various skill levels and matches them to open positions on-site. We invested approximately NT$1.3 million in recruiting in 2022, averaging NT$2,337 per person. As the COVID-19 pandemic gradually subsided, the number of college recruitment events increased to 15 in 2022. To encourage all willing students to pursue a dream career in the high-tech industry and contribute to semiconductor development in Taiwan. New recruits accounted for approximately 11.18% of the Company's total employees in 2022. Gender distribution of new recruits was approximately 4.02 (male) : 1 (female).

Talent retention

Enhanced work security

In response to changes in the industry and challenges in the business environment, the Company continues to not only push for fairness and reasonableness in various operations, but also prioritize the work rights and interests of employees. Under the human resource coordination system of the Formosa Plastics Group, employees are transferred first before they are made redundant. In order to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals and retain outstanding talents, the Company uses a quarterly incentive system to not only encourage employees to actively reach for business goals, but also share company profit. The voluntary turnover rate in 2022 was 8.8% (the male to female ratio of those who resigned is approximately 3.47 : 1). Compared to the voluntary turnover rate of 7.09% in 2021, there was a 1.71% increase in 2022, and it was also slightly higher than the average turnover rate of 8.3% in the industry. In response to this situation, the Company adjusted the starting salary of unexperienced new recruits, made an annual salary adjustment for all managers and employees, and made structural adjustments to the salaries of special departments and specialists in July 2022. This allows employees to work in a happy and safe environment.

Attractive compensations

The Company' s compensation and welfare systems have been developed through local salary surveys and discussions with regional salary associations, after taking into account factors such as industry competitiveness, macroeconomics, corporate culture and business sustainability. This process ensures the competitiveness of our overall salary package. We also offer additional bonuses and variable compensations based on employees' individual performance and accomplishment of organizational goals (or profitability), and in doing so, we reward employees for their excellent performance and share with them the profits we make as a group, regardless of their gender. In 2022, Nanya include in the Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index.

Terms of compensation that enhance talent retention

  • Nanya is a composition of Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index, indicating the strong competitiveness of the Company's compensations

  • Year-end bonus, festive bonus, Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-autumn diligence bonus, grade bonus

  • Long-term incentives: Include employee remuneration, employee stock option certificates, incentive bonus and annual salary adjustments

Enhanced work security

With a favorable working environment and lifestyle security, Nanya has won the trust and recognition of employees. The Company continues to promote various retention and incentive measures—including employee stock warrants, employee bonuses, incentive bonuses—to manage employee turnover risks and effectively retain talents. Even if external pull strengthens, the Company adjusted the starting salary of unexperienced new recruits, made an annual salary adjustment for all managers and employees, and made structural adjustments to the salaries of special departments and specialists in July 2021. The margin of adjustments was higher than competitors, and epidemic prevention measures implemented during the outbreak allowed employees to work in a happy and safe environment.

Analysis of turnover rate in Taiwan and overseas in 2019-2022

  • Note 1: Calculating formula for turnover rate = (number of resignations in January/total number of employees at the end of January) x 100% + (number of resignations in February/total number of employees at the end of February) x 100% +...+(number of resignations in December/total number of employees at the end of December) x 100%
  • Note 2: Voluntary turnover refers to resignation initiated by the employee. The Company calculates turnover rate mainly based on voluntary turnover. Total turnover rate includes voluntary (including retirement) and involuntary turnover (including dismissal, redundancy, death etc.)
  • Note 3: In 2019, the calculation of turnover rate began excluding direct interns (personnel turnover due to expiration of internship contracts).
  • Note 4: We began excluding employees on unpaid leave from the voluntary turnover rate in 2020. Based on the calculation that excluded those who went on unpaid leaves, the adjusted voluntary turnover rate was 5.55% and the adjusted overall turnover rate was 5.89% in 2019.

Employee Engagement Survey

Nanya conducts an organization-wide Employee Engagement Survey annually to gain insight into employees' level of approval towards the Company on several aspects, including work, management, and organizational vision. This survey used 28 questions to collect employees' opinions on 6 aspects. The response rate of 93.4% was slightly higher than in 2021. The results showed that the average level of approval from all employees was 76.2%, an increase of 4.2% compared to the 72% in the previous year.

Average Approval Rate

  • Note: This survey uses a ten-point system. "Average approval" refers to 7 points or more. The percentages in the columns represent the percentages of survey responses that indicated 7 points or more.

Improvement and reinforcement measures in 2022

  • When the epidemic situation was the most severe, we implemented the two shifts two rotations mechanism for employees with school age children to flexibly arrange their work schedule and take care of their children

  • We made plans to meet the regular demand on transportation and shuttle buses in response to the expansion of the new fab, and reduced the inconveniences brought by the construction to employees. We also increased shuttle buses between Danfeng Station and A8 Station to provide employees living in Taoyuan Linkou and Taipei Xinzhuang and Taishan with a more convenient option for commuting to work

  • Communication group trainings for mid-level managers: Set up group trainings for mid-level managers to help them strengthen leadership and communication skills

  • We continued to improve promotion and compensation measures in hopes of increasing employee approval in the aspects

Talent cultivation

Comprehensive Talent Cultivation and Development

Talent Development Guidelines