ESG Structure

Sustainability Governance and Organization

Since Nanya established its Sustainable Development Committee as an internal management organization in 2018, we have been pushing forward activities related to sustainable development step by step, becoming a solid partner in improving the challenges faced by the world. The Company values sustainable development and formally restructured the Sustainable Development Committee into a functional committee under the Board of Directors in August 2022. Governance functions of the Risk Management Committee were merged into the Sustainable Development Committee, is formed by the chairman, 4 independent directors, and 2 executive directors. Members of the committee selected the president as the convener. The committee reviews the Company's sustainable development strategies, vision, goals, implementation guidelines, and results twice a year. The Sustainable Development Committee charged the Sustainable Development Steering Center (Director: Vice President) and Risk Management Steering Center (Director: Executive Vice President) to implement sustainability and risk management work, and a dedicated organization, the Sustainability and Risk Management Division, was established under the President's Office to serve as the Secretariat, responsible for convening sustainable development quarterly meetings and risk management quarterly meetings. It plans and controls various action plans and risks, and integrates and supervises the execution progress and results of corporate governance and economic, social, and environmental sustainability, ensuring the effectiveness of horizontal and vertical communication to specifically implement sustainable development.

Nanya Sustainable Development Committee

  • Four aspects

    The corporate governance, economic, social, and environmental aspects are led by corporate governance, finance, human resources, and EHS supervisors respectively.

  • Four meetings

    The Committee reports to the President quarterly on the implementation and results of sustainable development affairs, establishing key projects and performance indicators.

  • Five working groups

    Five working groups are set up, including corporate governance, customer relations, supply chain management, public affairs participation, and environmental sustainability.

Committees in Nanya

  • Information Security Steering Committee
  • Innovation Committee
  • Talent Cultivation and Development Committee
  • Sustainable Development Committee

Key points of the Sustainable Development

Reported to the Board of Directors in May 2023

  • Highlights of Sustainable Development Work in 2022
    • Selected as a constituent stock of the DJSI World Index and Emerging Markets Index; Top 5% S&P Global ESG Score
    • Ranked in CDP's A List for Water Security and Leadership Level for Climate Change
    • GCSA Outstanding Professional Award
    • TCSA Top Ten Sustainable Companies Award and 6 individual leadership awards
  • Sustainable development organization and sustainability strategies
  • Risk management organization, risk identification, and preventive measures
  • An overview of sustainable performance, recognition, and awards in 2022
  • Results of 2022 and goals for 2023
  • Promoted participation in the DJSI evaluation, Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, Common Wealth Magazine Sustainable Citizen Award, and National Enterprises Environmental Protection Award
  • Internalized the DJSI evaluation, and reinforced corporate operations
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