Nanya Technology Won the " ESG Integrated Performance Award" by Global Views Magazine

Nanya Technology won the 17th Global Views Monthly Magazine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “Model Award in ESG Integrated Performance - Electronic Technology Industry”.

“Innovation is Nanya’s long-term strategic goal and core value, which is the foundation of our developments for advanced process technologies and new generation products, and well positions us as a key memory supplier. We rooted the spirit of innovation into “sustainable development”. The implementation of sustainable management activities, including talent development and retention, green product lineup deployment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) green manufacturing, sustainable supply chains, and social participation makes us be all of one mind to realize Nanya’s commitment to sustainability” said Nanya Technology’s President, Dr. Pei-Ing Lee.

The Global Views’ Jury is impressed by Nanya's performances in the areas of innovation capacity expansion, eco-friendly product offering, sustainable development driven by innovation, and the establishment of a talent development committee. “All of these are remarkable achievements.” said the Jury.

“In response to climate change, we have been focusing on the development of lower power consumption products to minimize its environmental footprint. Products sold in 2020 saved 658.48 million kWh of electricity or reduced CO2 emission by 335,164 tons, which is equivalent to 861 Daan Forest Parks’ CO2 absorption a year. Moreover, Nanya had acquired 362,000 kWh renewable energy in 2020 and also purchased 10.4 million kWh renewable energy last month in April, 2021. We will continue to seek external cooperation and partnerships through multi-solution to ensure long-term renewable energy supplies to achieve our renewable energy goals step by step. We also incorporate green management into our corporate operations. 29 “energy-saving action plans” were implemented in 2020, which saved more than 24 million kWh of electricity in total. For 2021, we have planned 31 energy-saving action plans to continue our efforts in carbon reduction and low-carbon emission operations. Regarding wastewater, we will utilize each drop through a complete wastewater recycling chain and maintain our water recycling ratio over 95%,” said Executive Vice President, Dr. Lin-Chin Su.

Nanya actively cultivates talents for multiple expertise. We deeply believe “Employees” is the foundation of a company’s innovation, operation, and sustainable development. In 2020, we established the “Semiconductor Industry Excellence Training” and “Dynamic Memory Core Technologies”, and launched the “Intelligence and Talent Institute” program to enhance employees’ domain knowledge to expand the growth momentum of Nanya.

We will continuously promote 3 major strategies: “creating long-term value”, “strengthening partnerships”, and “implementing positive changes” to carry out the mission of “best memory partner for the intelligence age”. As a member of the global semiconductor industry and the 4th largest DRAM company in the world, we will further strengthen our advantages on the basis of innovations for smart R&D as well as co-work closely with global partners and stakeholders to move towards sustainable development and exert influence on the environment, society, and economy for a better world.