Nanya Technology Awarded Green Factory Label
Reducing Carbon Emission with Smart & Green Manufacturing

Nanya Technology has been awarded the Green Factory Label certified by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. This recognition well represents Nanya’s commitment at energy management, carbon reduction, water recycling, and waste reduction of DRAM manufacturing process assessed by Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) approach. In the last three years, Nanya has invested NT$130 million in the energy efficiency plan and will further invest NT$480 million to optimize the water recovery process and wastewater treatment system. Nanya aims to be a Manufacturer of Green Technology for a better and sustainable world.

The Green Factory Label covers the EEWH evaluation system and the Cleaner Production assessment to examine factory building energy consumptions and impacts on the environment ranging from construction, operation to various stages of the product life cycle. "Nanya Technology focuses not only on DRAM innovation but also endeavors to be a promoter of sustainable development as well as a practitioner on green manufacturing. We will implement our core value into low power consumption product development and energy-saving manufacturing to reduce product environmental footprint and enhance green product competitiveness", said Nanya Technology’s President, Dr. Pei-Ing Lee.

Nanya’s green factory is constructed with low emission, low pollution, and recyclable green materials and also in accordance with the EEWH evaluation system indicators of ecology, energy saving, waste reduction, and health. The Nanya Sustainable Development Committee actively promotes environmental development plans and set the goals for greenhouse gas management, resource recycling and reuse, and green power usage. The Company implemented ISO 50001 energy management system in 2018 to create a real-time monitor platform, with the synergy of AI and data analysis technologies to enhance energy conservation; upgrade green manufacturing capability; promote water recycling measures for a positive contribution to environment protection.

Nanya product development system has deployed the Product Life Cycle Assessment Approach to comprehensively evaluate environmental impacts during each phase of material purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, product usage, disposal, and recycle to identify countermeasures for bettering green product competitiveness to fulfill customer requirements. We also established the "General Rules of Environmental Management Substances for Components and Materials" to ensure our products are fully compliant with international regulations, such as WEEE, RoHS, packaging instructions, and REACH. Nanya strives for a harmonious workplace to guarantee a safe, healthy, and high-quality working environment for our employees with the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety certification.

Nanya Technology is committed to be the "Best DRAM Partner for the smart world" and building a strong constitution with a sustainable spirit. We have won recognition from domestic to across the globe including the "National Sustainable Development Award", "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards", and "CDP A List" for climate change. Nanya will continue to enhance our innovative R&D and green manufacturing capabilities to work with all partners to move towards sustainability.