Response to COVID-19

Given the recent outbreak of new COVID cases in Taiwan Taoyuan General Hospital, the company has reinforced its prevention measure as follows:

  1. Operation and production lines:
    • Contact tracing for identifying possible exposure on all personnel (employee, visitors, contractors…etc.) entering company premises. Protection measures (include infection testing and quarantine) will be enforced on whom visited or in contact with who visit Taoyuan General Hospital during 1/6-1/19, 2021
    • Non-essential travel and personnel and departmental gathering activities (including year-end party)
    • External visitors, suppliers, vendors, or contractors should not come to Nanya site unless there is a business-critical need. Replace meetings with calls or online conference
    • Service providers and equipment maintainers should follow site protocols
    • Train on health and safety procedures to raise awareness of prevention
  2. Raw materials and subcontractors:
    • Improved supply chain management and upgraded prevention measures level to avoid supply shortage risks
    • Raw materials suppliers and supply chains operations are normal, including shipment and transportation
    • Equipment delivery on schedule
  3. Customers and support:
    Support and services to our customers to assist our customers for stable production
  4. Continue monitoring the future development of COVID-19 and take appropriate measure to assure the overall normal operation