Nanya Technology Received “A” List Rating, CDP's Highest Honor in response to Climate Change

December 09, 2020 - Nanya Technology (Nanya) was selected in “A” List, the highest honor in the 2020 CDP Climate Change category, as well as evaluated as the Leadership Level in the Water Security category. The honor recognizes Nanya’s efforts for tackling climate change and water security issues to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals!

Nanya participated in the CDP, initiated by international investors, to disclosed energy and carbon management strategies and performances for three consecutive years, and attained Leadership Level each year. This year, Nanya advanced as A List component, the highest honor of CDP, out of 9,526 participants worldwide. At the same time, Nanya’s CDP Water Security evaluation, disclosure of water resources management strategies, received the Leadership Level. “As one of key members in the semiconductor industry, we deeply understand the impact of climate disasters and water resources shortage on operations. By integrating green management, we enhanced the Company’s climate resilience, reduced carbon emission, and launched several energy-saving projects as well as recycled water resources through a comprehensive recovery process. As a green technology producer, we will continue to contribute our innovation and strength to seek environmental sustainability.” Dr. Pei-Ing Lee, president of Nanya Technology expressed.

Nanya responded to the challenges of climate change and sustainable development through product R&D and innovation capabilities. Nanya's Risk Management Committee regards climate change as a major risk and engaged in the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures Recommendation (TCFD) to identify risks and opportunities related to climate change and strengthen the connection with the Company’s operations. Simultaneously, Nanya’s Sustainable Development Committee actively schemes sustainable environmental development plans on greenhouse gas management, resource recycling, and green energy. We adopted the ISO 50001 energy management system in 2018, and invested 21.8 million in 2019 to build a real-time monitoring platform that combines AI and data analysis technology to improve energy conservation. In the past two years, Nanya has performed 74 energy-saving plans with annual energy-saving benefits of up to 45 million kWh. The practice of innovative technology makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Nanya's operating bases are all located in Taiwan. The uneven distribution of rainfall by regions and seasons easily leads to a water shortage crisis. Due to the large water demand of semiconductor manufacturing, water shortages could cause the interruption of operations. Therefore, Nanya continues to promote water-saving measures. The water recovery rate of the manufacturing process has reached 97%, together with the rainwater and wastewater recovery systems the Company can fulfill more than 100% the demand of its short-term water consumption. In the next two years, we will continue to optimize the manufacturing process to increase the water recycling rate, and invest NT$480 million in new wastewater treatment systems to jointly respond to Taiwan’s water shortage.

In terms of product development, Nanya is committed to developing advanced, high-efficiency, and eco-friendly products by implementing the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the Design for Environment to enhance the comprehensiveness of the value chain GHG inventory. Additionally, Nanya has a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory including scope 1,2, and 3 through the entire value chain to identify the GHG generation hotspot. Products sold last year helped consumers save 409.52 million kWh electricity, which is equivalent to 561 Daan Forest Parks’ CO2 annual absorption capability.

Nanya Technology is committed to becoming the "Best DRAM Partner for the smart world" and building a strong constitution with a sustainable spirit. We have won recognition from domestic to abroad including the "Common Wealth Corporate Social Responsibility Award", "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award", and "National Sustainable Development Award". We are convinced that only live harmoniously with the environment can we operate the enterprise sustainably. Nanya will continue to enhance our innovative R&D and green manufacturing management capabilities to work with all stakeholders to move towards sustainability.