Nanya Technology wins 7 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, demonstrating strength in Innovation Intelligence and Environmental Sustainability

November 18, 2020 - Nanya Technology today (18) wins 7 awards in different categories on the “ 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)” presented by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, including the Corporate Comprehensive Performance category “Top 50 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Awards” and the Corporate Sustainability Report category “IT and Electronic Manufacturing Industry- Platinum Award”, as well as the Best Practice Award Category “Growth through Innovation Award”, “Information Security Award”, “Supply Chain Management Award”, “Social Inclusion Award “, and “Climate Leadership Award” for the excellence in generating profits while fulfilling core innovation values towards sustainable development.

President of Nanya Technology, Dr. Pei-Ing Lee said “Nanya will continue adhering to three strategies: Creating our Value for the Long Term, Strengthening Partnerships with the Stakeholders, and Developing Positive Impact on the Society to drive our vision to become the Best DRAM Partner for the Smart World.” As a part of the global semiconductor industry, the fourth largest world-class DRAM provider, Nanya will continue to strengthen its innovative R&D and coordinate with the global value chain as well as stakeholders to practice sustainable business, and to create a positive influence on the environment, society, and economy.

In response to climate change and sustainable development issues, Nanya has aligned its competitiveness with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) by deploying the concepts of Life Cycle Thinking and Design for Environment in product developments. Nanya has been manufacturing high-quality and energy-saving eco-friendly products that currently account for more than 70% of the sales. Additionally, Nanya has a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory including scope 1,2, and 3 through the entire value chain to identify the GHG generation hotspot. Products sold last year helped consumers save 409.52 million kWh electricity, which is equivalent to 561 Daan Forest Parks’ CO2 annual absorption capability. Nanya Sustainable Development Committee has been conducting environmental plans to establish targets at greenhouse gas management, material recycling, and renewable energy while implementing ISO 50001 energy management system and integrating AI and data analysis. The implementation of energy conservation and green production will make an innovative and substantial contribution to the environment.

In line with Industry 4.0 trend, Nanya enhanced production yield by smart manufacturing through process innovation, cloud computing, and real-time big data analysis; we have developed over 50 AI applications for manufacturing processes. In 2019, a three-year AI training program was launched as a personnel cultivation foundation for Nanya’s AI scheme and was expanded to the entire factory in 2020 and estimated to cultivate 400 talents by 2021.

With the sound corporate governance and risk control mechanism, Nanya continues to generate profits under the challenging situation in 2020. Nanya’s governance has been recognized as the top 5% in the 6th Corporate Governance Evaluation listed by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE). Moreover, Nanya introduced the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to identify climate-related risks and opportunities for the Company’s resilience establishment and business development. The company has received multiple awards including the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Market Index (DJSI) for two consecutive years, CDP Climate Change Leadership level, TCSA, Common Wealth Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and National Talent Development Award. All the awards prove our 25-years efforts on sustainability development.

Nanya is continuously to generate profits and uphold transparency and integrity; strive for innovative technology and cultivate Taiwan talents for DRAM technology independence; implement responsible procurement and assist suppliers for sustainable management; promote environmentally friendly production for carbon reduction approach; adopt renewable energy system for climate change; create a diverse and friendly working environment for the harmonious workplace; integrate Nanya’s knowledge and technical support to resolve social issues as an active participant for the society. Nanya has been in the Taiwan DRAM industry for 25 years and with the recognition at home and abroad, we will continue to bring our exclusive expertise along with our partners to move towards sustainability for the next 25 years to come.