Response to COVID-19

Nanya Technology implemented epidemic prevention measures complied with government’s regulation, plus additional policy to protect employees, contractors and visitors. No abnormal cases occurred thus far.

  • Internal epidemic prevention measures include physical separation protocols, work from home, all personnel body temperature screening, use of surgical masks, catering health management...etc.
  • External epidemic prevention measures include entrance requirements, video or teleconference instead of travel or visit…etc.

The company’s production line and subcontractors are all located in Taiwan, not affected by COVID-19. Raw materials and equipment are currently not affected.

Supply Chain Management:

  • Shipment and transport of the supply chain are normal
  • Increase inventory of materials and chemicals
  • Multiple suppliers to reduce risk

Nanya Technology support and services to our customers with goal to assist our customers for stable production. The company will continue monitoring the future development of COVID-19 and take appropriate measure to assure the overall normal operation.