Corporate Governance

Formosa Plastics Group continues to act in accordance with the founder’s beliefs to respect all shareholders’ equity. Nanya Technology Corporation, a member of Formosa Plastics Group, believes that the strict and effective corporate governance mechanism is the only way to ensure legal compliance, financial transparency and effective operation enhancement.

Governance Organization

NTC establishes an effective corporate governance mechanism in order to ensure effective operational enhancement.

Board of Directors

NTC Board of Directors exercises its authority according to the law, articles of incorporation and the resolutions of shareholders'meeting.


NTC establishes the Compensation Committee which reviews the compensation of directors, supervisors, and top management.


Internal Audit

According to Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies, NTC establishes an effective internal control system in order to make sure the operational management and its subsidiaries comply with the law and regulations.

Corporate Responsibility

By applying the concept of Formosa Plastics Group, "whatever is taken from the society neds to be given back," NTC focuses on corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social contribution in order to execute its corporate social responsbility.

Ethical Corporate Management

To achieve sound ethical corporate management, President Office is responsible for establishing and supervising the implementation of the ethical corporate management policies and prevention programs.

Major Internal Policies

By following NTC's major internal policies, NTC establishes an effective corporate governance mechanism.