Message from President
Pei-Ing Lee

Nanya Technology Corporation (“NTC”) focused its core business on DRAM memory and committed to comply with the spirit of diligence and pragmatism. We will continue our efforts in advanced technology development and diversify products to meet various demand from customers worldwide. We implement our five major mission through our business operations, which are “continuous profits and sustainable operations; risk forecast and precautionary measures; employee welfare and profit sharing; raise the awareness of environmental protection; and supporting local communities.” We believe they play an important role as we devoted to fulfill corporate social responsibility and pursue future sustainable development.

In 2017, NTC participated for the first time in ”Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” (TCSA), which was held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), and won awards for the “Top 50 Corporate Sustainability”, “Corporate Sustainability Report Golden”, and “Best Performance on Specific Category for Innovative Growth Awards”. These important awards symbolize our effort in sustainable development over the years. In 2018, we officially established a designated department for sustainable development, which plans sustainable development, formulates performance indicators, reports regularly to the Board of Directors with strategy, vision, goals, guidelines, and results, as we continue to practice corporate responsibilities.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement are the main driving forces behind global sustainable development and the common language among the governments, industries, and academia worldwide. In 2017, we identified 6 major SDGs as NTC associated activities includes, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Climate Action. We value our employees’ health and create a safety workplace environment. We carry out industry-academia cooperation and cultivate talents in the semiconductor field in Taiwan. We increase the efficiency of water usage. We provide equal employment opportunities and cultivate talents to enhance industry competitiveness. We exploit the usage of chemicals in product life cycle for environmental protection and to reduce waste and harmful substances. Moreover, NTC closely observes the impact and influence of climate change on the company and supply chain partners to appropriately formulate responding strategies and objectives. We will continue to respond to the United Nations' sustainable development goals, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

The four core values of Nanya Technology Corporation are innovation, integrity, accountability, and efficiency. Innovation is the driving force behind the company’s growth in technology and competitiveness. We treat customers, suppliers, and partners with integrity. Executives and employees are held accountable for meeting these company-wide goals with efficiency. We believe that corporate sustainable development can only be truly implemented to address social expectations through the establishment of core values.

We continue to practice environmental sustainable management through pollution preventions, energy resources reduction, green products, and green productions. The Headquarters building located in Taishan District, New Taipei City is built in accordance with the EEWH standards of Green Building in Taiwan, which rewarded the highest rating of Silver level, in terms of ecological, energy saving, waste reduction, and health indicators. Nanya Technology Corporation is committed to continue to practice corporate sustainable responsibility with our client and suppliers for a better society.