CSR Latest News
Nanya Technology Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index

September 2018 - NTC has been inducted in the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index (DJSI) of the Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment Industry for the first time as an index component. The inclusion of NTC is a strong affirmation on NTC’s positive efforts on corporate sustainability in managing economic, environmental and social performance.
NTC were also rewarded with Silver level of Taiwan Green Building EEWH standard, Golden Honor of New Taipei City Environmental Evolution Impact, and Taiwan Sustainability Awards, recognized as a Top 100 Global Technology Leader by Thomson Reuters and one of the top 5% in corporate governance evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange from the past few years. As of 2018, NTC has been selected in the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes for three consecutive years, also in the FTSE 4 Good Taiwan index and Taiwan Sustainability Index for the first time.

NTC received the Golden Certificate of Talent Quality-management System

August 2018 - NTC received the Golden Certificate of "Talent Quality-management System (TTQS)" Enterprise Version from the Ministry of Labor for the first time, following the silver certificate of TTQS in 2014 and 2016.
TTQS is a national evaluation system based on the PDDRO five-step process as the assessment standard for Executive Yuan's subsidy training programs.
NTC develops strategy plans based on business operation goals, and construct internal/external SOWT and TWOS matrix analysis on DRAM market and company operation profiles to form short/medium/long-term objectives. We then integrate and focus by strategy map to produce action plans, and develop annual training programs according to the core training needs. Our training program is operated under the PDDRO system in order to implement training process, to ensure the quality of talents development, and to achieve our company’s strategy goals.

Nanya sponsors National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) Micro Electronic Camp

July 2018 - Nanya Technology has been cultivating talents in the field of science and technology through industry-academia cooperation. This time NTC sponsored NTCU Micro Electronics Camp to encourage students to learn and organize various activities on campus to promote comprehensive development. The event starting from 7/8 to 7/14, where college students lead high schoolers to join them on campus and experience various activities to develop interest in scientific engineering.
Through sponsoring the event, NTC encourage students with electrical engineering background to share and create new ideas together and fulfill our social responsibility to cultivate and nurture talents for our next generation.

Fair Trade Coffee in Nanya

June 2018 - Nanya Technology joins Okogreen’s fair trade pantry project, to set up a coffee machine in our office pantry. Colleagues could enjoy a cup of fair trade coffee with NT$10. We wish to implement social responsibility by practical actions and to help the third world farmers and environmental protection.
On June 27th, a lecture entitled “A Cup of Fair Trade Coffee” was held to promote the concept of fair trade, raise the awareness among colleagues, and continue to support the third world by fair trade.
* Okogreen, the first certified trader in Taiwan by Fairtrade International(FLO).

Supporting Local Farmers Event

June 2018 - In recent years, excessive banana production has cause banana price to drop enormously. In order to support local agricultural products, NTC held an event by hosting a bananas sale from local farmers directly. Our President, Pei-Ing Lee and Vice President, Rex Chuang also joined our event and sold a total of 500 kilograms of bananas. NTC will continues to care for our neighbors, use positive actions to make a difference, and together building a better community.

Support Local Artist - NTC & Ruby Wang Solo Exhibition

May~June 2018 - NTC cooperates with the Design Center of Fu Jen Catholic University to support junior designers. We wish to promote artist from the community by supporting a solo exhibition within the company. Ruby Wang, a concept artist from Flight School Studio and specialized in digital illustration, collaborates with NTC for a solo exhibition to display her art pieces. She loves how shades affect the meaning behind different colors and use it to express the story and concept behind each artwork.
All the art pieces tell a different story, and we hope it touches the inner selves of our colleagues and enriches us spiritually and culturally.

Nanya Technology ranked Top Five Percent of the 4th Corporate Governance Evaluation by TWSE

May 2018 - NTC ranked top 5% of the 4th Corporate Governance Evaluation by The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) for 2017 performance.
The evaluation contains five aspects, which are the protection of shareholders' rights and interests, equal treatment of shareholders, enhancing board composition and operation, increasing information transparency, and implementation of corporate social responsibility.
The indicators and results show NTC has long focused on information disclosure, protection of shareholders' rights, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. In the future, NTC will continue to practice on corporate governance sustainability and enhance our international competitiveness.

NTC Taishan District Mountain Clean-Up Day

May 2018 - To give back our community, NTC partnered with Nan Ya Plastics Corp. to held a Mountain Clean-Up event on May 19.
Volunteers were gathered to clean up the areas around Taishan district including roads, parks, ditches, and wells, and garbage were collected and removed including plastic waste, iron and aluminum cans, tobacco, and sludge.
We hope by participating in this event we can change one place at a time, and enhance the awareness and promote the concept of environmental protection to those around us. Cleaning up is a simple way of giving back to the ecosystem, with three easy steps, reduce, reuse, and recycle, which we can start from today.
After the event, we also received thanks from the community and neighbors for cleaning the surroundings. We believe everyone who volunteered was rewarded with the beauty of nature.

NTC Campus Lecture” Smart World and Memory IC”

May 2018 - NTC was invited by the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) to participate in the 2018 Campus Lecture Tour to National Taiwan University(NTU) to host the "Smart World and Memory IC" campus lecture, with our President, Pei-Ing Lee as a guest speaker.
President, Pei-Ing Lee, briefly describes the history, categories, and applications of memory, especially the various applications of the IoT era. He also takes this opportunity to communicate with students in hopes that students will have an interest in memory and invest in research and development in DRAM for the future growth of Taiwan's semiconductor industry.

NTC Movie Nights

April 2018 - NTC hosted Movie Nights for all employees to bring their family and friends to watch their favorite movie without the burden of long lines and waits.
This allows colleagues to connect with each other and create an energetic working atmosphere. NTC pick out the most popular films at the time” Avengers: Infinity War" and "Peter Rabbit" for viewers of all ages.

FPG subsidized employees to help the tourism industry in Hualien after quake

March 2018 - In February, Hualien County suffered a major earthquake. Formosa Plastics Group(FPG) donated NT$50 million first handed. In addition to the donation, FPG hoped to boost the tourism for Hualien County and planned a free two-day trip for employees by subsidizing all fares (about NT$5,000), and dependents will each receive a subsidy of NT$1,500. More than 7,100 employees and dependents participated.
NTC, as part of Formosa Plastics Group, hopes that through this action will help the tourism industry in Hualien to recover.

Nanya Technology joined "2018 Earth Hour" Event

March 2018 - 2018 Earth Hour successfully conducted on March 24th. A total of 187 countries and more than 12,000 global landmarks responded. Taipei City's event was organized by the Wilderness Protection Association, Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau, and endorsed by NTC. On the day of the event, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je was invited and led the countdown for switching off the lights for one hour from (24) 20:30 to 21:30.
According to the Taipower statistics on March 24th, the electricity consumption was reduced by about 100,000 degrees, equivalent to a reduction of 52,700 kilograms of carbon emissions, which is equal to planting 4,791 trees!
We hope Earth Hour could be more than an annual event but a reminder for us to start saving energy on a day to day basis. Let's start saving energy together!

University Career Job Fair

March 2018 - NTC joined Universities’ Career Job Fair, where we visited NTU, NTHU, NCTU, NCKU…and many major universities in Taiwan. We welcome both graduates and undergrads to join us in from all areas such as Research& Development, IC Design, Engineer, Sales and Marketing, and Legal Studies.
NTC has been listed for the second year by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. in the “Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index”, indicates our competitive salary and benefits among peers. Moreover, NTC has commited to nurtures talents where we have developed Training Programs, communication channels, and created a friendly working environment for our employees.

NTC Named 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Technology Leader

January, 2018 - NTC was recognized as a 2018 Top 100 Global Technology Leader by Thomson Reuters. The inaugural program identifies the tech industry’s most operationally and financially successful organizations.
The patent pending methodology, developed by the Thomson Reuters Boston Innovation Lab, is based on eight principle pillars of performance: Financial, Management and Investor Confidence, Risk and Resilience, Legal Compliance, Innovation, People and Social Responsibility, Environmental Impact, and Reputation. These companies are those whose final scores across the pillars outshine over 5,000 other technology companies around the world.
Nanya Technology has committed to provide the best quality products and service to our customers; to enhance corporate governance; to create value for shareholders; to take care our employees; to actively participated in social welfare; and to promote green technology and environmental sustainability.

NTC Photo Fundraising Event

January 2018 - In 2017, NTC relocated its new headquarters to Nanlin Technology Park, which is surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. In order to show the beauty of this new location, NTC holds a photo contest where colleagues were invited to showcase the beauty of the neighbor and communities.
All employees were invited to vote for their favorite photo. The company will donate to “The Society of Wilderness” and “Youth Home in Xinzhuang” an NT$100 with each vote casted. A total of 2,142 votes were conducted, and an NT$214,200 donation from NTC. All winning photos became part of the company’s exhibition for visitors.