"Whatever is taken from the society needs to be given back."

Pei-Ing Lee

President of Nanya Technology Corporation

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Corporate Governance

Formosa Plastics Group continues to act in accordance with the founder’s beliefs to respect all shareholders’ equity. Nanya Technology Corporation, a member of Formosa Plastics Group, believes that the strict and effective corporate governance mechanism is the only way to ensure legal compliance, financial transparency and effective operation enhancement.

Stakeholder Engagement

To create a friendly environment, NTC makes a lot of efforts to enhance the relations with stakeholders, including our supply chain, shareholders, customers, and employees. NTC hopes to form an alliance with the external partners as well as internal employees to create a better world by using company’s resource efficiently.


NTC is customer service oriented and dedicated to providing customers with complete product portfolio and system level solutions in order to fulfill customers’ needs.


Environmental Sustainability

To pursue environmental sustainability, NTC followed the policy of Formosa Plastics Group in August, 2008, applied Environmental Accounting System in October, 2009, and implemented this technique officially in 2010. Through this strategy, NTC is able to measure resource use, evaluate environmental cost, and disclose to stakeholders properly.

Our People

NTC believes that high quality workforce is an important key of our company’s sustainable development and success. Based on the concept of cherishing dedicated employees, NTC sees employees as our family members. Through various benefits, NTC plans to establish and maintain a positive relationship with employees in order to grow and learn together.