Reports & Documents
Latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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Operation and Governance
Corporate Sustainability
Integrity and Transparency
Innovative Technology
Responsible Procurement
Green Manufacturing
Harmonious Workplace
Common Good
Former CSR Reports
2019 CSR report
2018 CSR report
2017 CSR report
2016 CSR report
2015 CSR report
2014 CSR report
2013 CSR report
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
CSR Policy
Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Related Documents
Environmental Policy
Occupational Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Management Policy
Energy Management Policy
HSF Policy
Green Factory Label
Green Building Labeling
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 50001
Nanya ISO 14064 Scope 1&2
Nanya ISO 14064 Scope 3
Supply Chain Related Documents
Letter of Compliance with CSR Requirements for Suppliers and Subcontractors
Conflict-Free Minerals Policy
Antitrust Policy
Antitrust Policy
Public Affairs Participation Guidelines
Public Affairs Participation Guidelines
Tax Policy Related Documents
Tax Policy
Tax Governance Report
Labour & Ethic Policy
Labour & Ethic Policy
Human Rights Policy
Human Rights Policy
Prohibiting Unlawful Violation in the Workplace Statement
Code of Business and Ethic Conduct
Code of Business and Ethic Conduct
Information Security Related Documents
Information Security Policy
ISO 27001
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