Nanya Technology Official Statement

In regard to the case that the former employee, Li, was found guilty by Taoyuan District Court (“TYDC”) for trade secret misappropriation, Nanya Technology Corporation (“Nanya”) would like to comment as follows:

1. This case was reported to Taoyuan Division of Investigation Bureau, Minister of Justice (“MJIB”) by Nanya when Nanya found Li had stolen the trade secret before his resignation. According to MJIB’s investigation, Li had tried to approach one of Nanya’ s competitors in China after his theft of the trade secret. Li was prosecuted by Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office (“Prosecutors”) and sentenced to one-year-and-eight-months by TYDC.

2. Nanya appreciates TYDC, MJIB and Prosecutors’ efforts to combat trade secret misappropriation and hereby reiterates its determination on protecting its trade secret and IPs. Nanya will continue investigating any illegal activities in order to protect Nanya and its partners’ R&D achievements, shareholders’ interest and the fair market order.