Nanya Technology recognized by National Industry Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

April 11, 2019 - Nanya Technology Corporation (“NTC”) has been named in the National Industry Innovation Award, presented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., in the category of Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award. It highly recognized NTC’s innovation on DRAM process technology and products in the category of intelligent technology.

Innovation has been the essence of sustainable development for memory industry and DRAM is the core business for NTC. For many years, NTC has invested enormous resources into product and process development. Recently NTC has deployed Taiwan’s first 8Gb DDR4 product and become a key component supplier for the cloud and data center market. This year, NTC will introduce a series of LPDDR4/4X products, which makes us an essential partner for mobile devices, industrial grade, and automotive applications.

" We have been focusing on new process technology and new product innovation, and introducing innovation management to enhance the company’s creative energy and value creation. At the same time, with a strong teamwork spirit, we continue to elevate manufacturing performance. Our innovation strategy is to establish next-generation DRAM product technology; accelerate product diversity and intelligent production plant; and strengthen intellectual property rights and trade secrets protection.” said Dr. Pei-Ing Lee, President of Nanya Technology Corp..

DRAM plays a key role that enables many smart devices which can be applied in phones, cloud services, internet of things, notebooks, television, set-top box, networking and other consumer products, as well as infotainment and intelligence car system. As the production value of global DRAM industry reached close to 100 billion US dollars in 2018, NTC will continue to invest in research and development to pursue 10-nm class DRAM process technology and product development for positioning us for future growth. NTC has established a close strategic alliance with our customers, as we continuously optimizing product portfolio to enhance product value and provide solutions and high quality service to customers. As a world class DRAM solution provider, we are committed to become the Best DRAM Provider for the Smart World.