Nanya Reiterates Trade Secret Protection

June 22nd, 2018 – An ex-employee of Nanya Technology Corporation named Lin was indicted by Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office(“NTDPO”) for his alleged theft of Nanya’s trade secret about DRAM testing technology before his quitting from Nanya and leaving for Chinese DRAM maker. Considering the value an unlawful competitor can benefit from abusing such trade secret may amount to 3.8 billion NTD, Nanya file the complain upon perceiving Lin’s illegal conduct. After relentless investigation by NTDPO and Minister of Justice Investigation Bureau (“MJIB”), NTDPO confirmed Lin’s violation of Trade Secret Law and indicted him accordingly.

Nanya hereby reiterates that it will protect its trade secret and IP relentlessly. In addition to cooperation with NTDPO and MJIB in following trials, Nanya will continue to investigate any illegal activities to protect Nanya and its partners’ R&D achievements as well as shareholder equity and the fairness of the competition.