Nanya Technology New Headquarters Grand Opening
August 1st, 2017 – Nanya Technology Corporation (Nanya Technology), held a grand opening ceremony for its new headquarters today. The total investment in new headquarters, fab and equipments is about NT 55.7 billion. With the company’s migration to 20nm from 30nm process technology, its total monthly capacity will be able to produce up to 68,000 wafers per month which is one of the major investments in Taiwan. This investment is expected to not only increase NT 20 billion in annual revenues but also create more than 500 job opportunities. 
With this investment, Nanya Technology’s migration to 20nm process technology will provide a complete product line, including DDR4 and LPDDR4X to meet the demand of smart car, smart home, smart office, and industrial 4.0.
Nanya Technology’s new headquarters and fab, located at Nanlin technology park in Taishan District, New Taipei City, are built in accordance with the indicators of EEWH evaluation system. The building materials are green materials which are recyclable and can reduce impact on the environment. The energy saving design principles are implemented, such as the indexes of green capacity, energy efficient lighting, air conditioning, CO2 reduction, etc. The indexes of water resources and water conservation are higher than regulatory requirement and demonstrate the implementation of green principles. In addition, Nanya Technology’s 2016 corporate social responsibility report is verified by BSI Taiwan to comply with AA1000 Type II Moderate assurance. The report is prepared in accordance with AA1000 Accountability Principles of Inclusivity, Materiality and Responsiveness and sustainability performance information.
Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is a key component in electronics industry. Nanya Technology is an integrated device manufacturer and has been focusing on specialty DRAM market. By building a new headquarters and migrating to 20nm process technology, Nanya Technology will increase its annual revenues and creates more job opportunities in order to stay competitive in DRAM market. More importantly, Nanya Technology will continue to be dedicated in DRAM market and create sustainable value for its business by implementing corporate social responsibility strategy to its core value.