Message from President
Pei-Ing Lee

Nanya Technology Corporation (NTC) has been focusing on business transformation and niche market since 2013. Picking up on its transformation journey, NTC is dedicated to developing consumer and low-power DRAM products with global marketing strategies in order to promote its brand and products globally. NTC continues to build a strong and collaborative relationship with customers and partners through great products and services. With better financial performance, NTC is willing to generate better returns for shareholders as well. At last, NTC will be investing in developing and upgrading 20nm Technology process recently in order to increase its competitiveness.

As a global citizen, NTC believes raising public awareness of environmental protection and green consumption is more important while pursuing higher sales revenue and increasing its competitiveness due to economic, political, social, and environmental impacts of resource consumption globally. Therefore, NTC continues to develop Environmental, Safety, and Health (ESH) performance indicators, invest in Energy Saving Program to reduce carbon emissions, promote resources recycling and reusing, and advocate for greenhouse gas reduction. NTC cherishes limited natural resources and R&D team is dedicated to developing smaller package, high-efficiency, and low-power eco-friendly products in order to fulfill its responsibilities to environment and society.

To pursue environmental sustainability, NTC followed the policy of Formosa Plastics Group in August, 2008, applied Environmental Accounting System in October, 2009, and implemented this technique officially in 2010. Through this strategy, NTC is able to measure resource use, evaluate environmental cost, and disclose to stakeholders properly. The most notable changes from 2011 to 2015 were per use of each wafer the water usage per square meter decreased by 20% from 52.1 tons to 41.7 tons and the electricity usage decreased from 8.7 mWH to 7.8 mWH .

Meanwhile, NTC is devoted to implement green supply chain management for the purpose of becoming a sustainable enterprise. In addition, NTC is engaged with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and commits to implement the Code of Conduct for Environment, Labor Safety, Health, Labor, and Ethics management systems.

On the other hand, NTC has been conducting its business with integrity and guided by the Code of Conduct since its founding. The Code of Conduct is applied to all members at NTC. For the purpose of this Code, employees must act legally and honestly, never engage in fraudulent, condemn any form of bribery and corruption, and avoid any conduct that would risk NTC’s reputation and harm shareholders. The Board of Directors and top management are required to follow the Code of Conduct as well. In order to uphold the corporate social responsibility, NTC establishes a Compensation Committees to monitor and review the compensation which including salary, incentives, benefits, and other perquisites for Board of Directors and top management.

The Auditing Office is also established under the Board of Directors at NTC and performs the Board’s duty of supervision in order to strengthen the management mechanism and review NTC’s financial policy. Since 1955, NTC has been maintaining good relationships with investors by providing latest development strategy and hosting a series of activities in relations to its quarterly results announcements and meetings in order to maintain company and investment growth.

Furthermore, NTC believes employee is a crucial part of growing successful business, so it is committed to create a safe working environment and respectful company culture. The Human Resources provides adequate trainings and practices that support employee development. In terms of social contribution, NTC believes that the smallest act of kindness can bring people closer and make the world better. With the main focus on sustainable environment in Taiwan, NTC makes the best use of limited resources and encourages employees to give back. As a sustainable enterprise, NTC continues to support local art performances and activities, help people in rural areas, and provide care and compassion for underprivileged children.

“Whatever is taken from the society needs to be given back.” With a broad range of social contribution, NTC encourages all employees to actively donate their time and give back to the community. To fulfill its responsibilities to environment and society, NTC is also committed to enhance business development, promote environmental education of Green Earth, develop products which would reduce pollution and emission, and provide a safe working environment. Protecting our earth and supporting people who need help are definitely not a one-man job. Therefore, NTC will continue to apply sustainable business practice and make the world better.