Social Contribution

Being generous and spreading kindness are important values for Nanya Technology Corporation (NTC). NTC believes that the smallest act of kindness can bring people closer and make the world better. In 2013, NTC launched “NTC Good 100” campaign to pursue a goal of 100 philanthropic giving every year. With the main focus on sustainable environment in Taiwan, NTC makes the best use of limited resources, encourages employees to give back, and maintains long-term collaborative relationship with non-profit organization to fulfill its responsibilities to environment and society. As a sustainable enterprise, NTC continues to support local art performances and activities, help people in rural areas, and provide care and compassion for underprivileged children. [Learn More]

NTC Beach Cleanup

In collaboration with Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. Republic of China (Taiwan) and North Coast & Guanyinsha National Scenic Area, NTC engaged employees and members of their family to join NTC Beach Cleanup which was inspired by International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) to take action in 2015. The challenges we face when it comes to a clean and healthy ocean are trashes and pollutions caused by human. Thus, NTC seeks the best and brightest to advocate for a clean and healthy ocean and sustain life on our planet.
There are more than 52 Kg of trash was collected by 35 volunteers during the Beach Cleanup. The trash in the water is cigarettes, plastic products, straws, and needles. NTC believes the purpose of this project is not only removing more trash from the beach but also letting people understand what types of waste entering the ocean.

Refurbished Computer Project

NTC has participated in Refurbished Computers Project created for the purpose of spreading recycle and reuse ideas and providing underprivileged students with refurbished computers by Triple-E Institute since 2013. In 2015, NTC donated 552 used computers to support this project. In fact, NTC has donated total 944 used computers in past three years. Protecting our earth and supporting people who need help are definitely not a one-man job. Thus, NTC hopes to improve information infrastructure and green education in rural areas through this project.

Fair Trade Sweet Potatoes Sold by “The Good People”

Have you ever heard about “The Good People?” The Good People is a group of volunteers who are passionate about supporting local farmers to sell their unsellable products with fair prices. In July 2015, The Good People came to NTC office during lunch break with sweet potatoes harvested by farmers from Dounan, Tainan and sold 42 ton potatoes with NT $105,000. Seeing everyone be generous with their hearts to support local farmers is worth more than the grandest intention.