EICC Commitment

NTC is a key supplier in specialty DRAM market. As a global citizen, NTC follows EICC code of Conduct , compliance with local laws, and ensure our suppliers daily operations accordingly to provide employees with a safe working environment. Workers are treated with respect and dignity and business operations are environmental responsible and conducted ethically.

For this, NTC establishes its own Code of Conduct and management system and policy, monitor every the compliance inside NTC to monitor every potential risks. To verify the system, NTC applied EICC VAP and was audited on January 8, 2015, and received a positive audit results feedback on September 11, 2015.

NTC deeply understands the suppliers are also the important roles to fulfill above commitment. NTC expects and demands our supplier’s commitment to EICC code of conduct. Every supplier are requested to sign a Letter of Commitment of Supplier of Formosa Plastics Group for Corporate Social Responsibility, when order for goods. NTC map out supplier audit plan and execute audits by using written questionnaire and onsite auditing to check the supplier’s compliance situation. NTC tries to make some efforts together with our suppliers to create a better electronic business environment.