Our People

NTC believes that high quality workforce is an important key of our company’s sustainable development and success. Based on the concept of cherishing dedicated employees, NTC sees employees as our family members. Therefore, each office has its welfare facilities, such as cafeteria, dormitory, shuttle bus service, parking lot, and etc. By providing complete training courses, friendly working environment and competitive salary package and good benefits, NTC hopes every employee maximize their professional competency and performance to achieve company business goals.

To maintain a positive and harmonious relationship with employees, NTC communicates with employees through multiple channels to understand their needs and answer their concerns. Therefore, NTC employee enjoys comprehensive compensation and policy benefits. Any talents who want to work in a harmonious, healthy are friendly working environment is welcome to work with us. NTC will share the vision with the talented people by offering good career development in order to make the world better together.

0 Case of Industrial Dispute
Communication Bridge

More than 6,000 person-times attend different types of internal meetings

Training Satisfaction

The average satisfaction rate of internal trainings is 5.3 out of 6 points

Silver Medal is awarded by Taiwan Training Quality System (TTQS)
Accredited Health Workplace

NTC is accredited by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare for a health work environment

Employee Activities

More than 7,500 employees and their family members attend employee activities

Hiring Standards

NTC workforce is stable and healthy. In 2015, 99.21% employee is formal personnel, the informal personnel is only 0.79% of all employees, including contractual advisers, periodical contractor, and servitor etc. The male employees are 1601 and female employees are 804. The ratio of man/female employee is around 2:1 and 99.81% employees are Taiwanese. The average age of employee is 36.7 years old, 30-49 years old is the most primary workforce, which take around 80% from all employees. It’s 100% employees are employed by NTC directly which means no one is hired through third party of labor agents.   [Learn More]

Compensation and Benefits

In order to allow employees to feel relaxed and secure so that they may maximize their professional competency, Formosa Plastics Group has always upheld its ideal of “seeing every employee as a family member.” During the initial construction stages of every plant, NTC primarily focuses on the basic needs of employees such as, food, accommodation, and recreational facilities in consideration of employees’ long-term welfare. As a member of Formosa Plastics Group, employees of NTC enjoy comprehensive compensation and policy benefits. NTC will also actively review our welfare policies and plan an industry-specific and competitive salary package, benefits, and facilities to meet employees’ expectation of the semiconductor industry and maximize their professional competency and create a positive corporate image.    [Learn More]

Employee Development

Through various benefits, NTC plans to establish and maintain a positive relationship with employees in order to grow and learn together.   [Learn More]

Employee Relations

With the important impact of Labor and Ethic Management for labor care and corporate sustainability, NTC establishes Labor and Ethic policy and management system according to Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) to ensure internal management system and practices can compliance with International labor standards and local relevant laws. The Director of Human Resources is the representative of the system and evaluates the potential labor and ethic risk and audit the internal daily practice of all functions of organization per the Policy.    [Learn More]

Healthy Work Environment

NTC can develop the strategies and better management system to prevent occupational hazards. NTC already completed the certifications of OHSAS18001 (2007) and TOSHMS. Therefore, NTC is able to come up with solutions based on the types of occupational hazard.
NTC promote process safety management (PSM) with Formosa Risk Center to identify potential equipment risk at PHA meeting every week. NTC conducts abnormal safety events by analysis and control of improvement, as the cross-section audit approach to improve the environment (5S) and mistake during PM. NTC also promotes SWAT to enhance employee safety awareness and reducing the potential job hazards. Work environment monitoring is held twice a year, including environment concentration of harmful substances to protect employees against occupational hazards. NTC promotes employees auditing by self-management on-site and the director walking through on-site, and the mistake by audit is scored in order to reach the environment for clean-up (5S) and maintain the safety and health work environment. Annual fire equipment safety checks by professional fire equipment examining company to avoid the occurrence of fire and explosion hazards keeping employee against the risk of fire. We also commissioned high-pressure gas specific equipment by professional safety inspection every year for security checks. In addition, management projects of safety and hygiene would be pushed forward every year.    [Learn More]