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Company Profile

Nanya Technology Corporation was founded in March 1995. The company is industry leading pure-play consumer Memory Company, focusing on research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales of consumer and Low Power DRAM products, with worldwide sales offices in USA, Europe, Japan and China. The main shareholder is Nanya Plastics Corporation of the Formosa Plastics Group.

Nanya Technology Corporation's 12-inch Fabs(Fab 3A) located in Taipei County which has current capacity of 55,000 wafer start per month (WSPM). Nanya is accelerating its conversion to 30nm-technology for specialty product and plans to reach 40,000 WSPM in 30nm by the fourth quarter of 2013, particularly for the design and development of value-added specialty products.

In accordance with Nanya’s business strategy changes to emphasize on consumer and low power value-added DRAM product market segments, Nanya Technology ceased its joint development program with Micron Technology in early 2013, which was initiated when Micron and Nanya entered into the Inotera joint venture in 2008, and Nanya has the right to obtain the further 20nm process technology licensing from Micron. The company will continue to develop specialty DRAM products with advanced 30nm technology to Increase its competitiveness. By ending the joint development program with Micron, while Nanya will substantially reduce its R&D cost, by controlling its R&D expense, to greatly improve cost structure.

On the basis of strategic restructuring, Nanya Technology will leverage its experiences in advanced technology development in the past few years and integrate its recourses in R&D to focus on the consumer and low power products development. Nanya expects to achieve the new heights upon its new business model by applying the scale of 55,000 wafer capacity per month to support the demand of consumer market segments to improve profitability. Furthermore, the company will strive to pursue the maximum value for its shareholders.

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